Posted on 10/25/21

Men Love For Cars Desire To Control Or Real Emotions

Men Love For Cars Desire To Control Or Real Emotions

High-performance cars are a favorite of men. We would argue that men have always loved high-performance sports cars and luxury cars, as statistics show. Kelly Blue Book reports that the average horsepower men select when buying a car is 360. Women choose 170. These things haven't changed much. Even back in the 1900s, cars were still a novelty and men were more inclined to drive powerful gas-powered cars than women who drove smaller electric cars.

Men are more inclined to buy vehicles that are larger, faster, and more powerful, even if they aren't very affordable. When men shop for cars, they don't always consider the price.

Of course, the question is not whether men like cars, but why. While eco-friendly electric vehicles may slowly take over American roads but many men still love big, heavy cars. We will explore what motivates men to own cars, work under the hoods, and value power over price in this post.

Theory 1 - Cars make men

Many men love cars and enjoy driving them. If you look at couples on the streets, you will often see a man driving the car. A University of Minnesota study revealed that driving is one of many ways men assert their masculinity. Men feel more in control of their destiny when they are behind the wheel. Even though almost everyone in America relies on a vehicle or truck to get around, buying your first car is still considered a milestone for men.

Why is it that men associate cars with growing old? A study in the UK showed that car ownership only gives men a significant boost in self-esteem. The increase is greater the more valuable the car is.

Theory 2 - We fall in love

Many men and some women baby their cars. They give them names. They wash them and wax them using all the cars they would use to bathe a newborn. It doesn't matter if a man is driving his dream car or not, it's easy to form an emotional attachment to the cars. A man can now buy the car he has wanted since grade school. You should be careful, as he may hold that car in a special place of his heart.

It may not be a mystery why men fall in love more with cars than women. Because they see their car as an extension and part of themselves, men develop personal relationships with cars. Because they see their cars as an extension of themselves, power, freedom, and adventure, each truck and car has the potential to make a man's life better. Finally, a man who puts so much effort into his truck or car can fall in love.

Theory 3 - A car is more than a practical thing

Many women view a car as a convenience and are more concerned with what it can do for them. Men, on the contrary, tend to anthropomorphize their cars. Many men see their trucks and cars as sentient beings, with distinct personalities and unique needs. Is there a purpose for a car or truck? Yes. A car-loving man will often look at a vehicle to be admired for its beauty and power, before considering fuel efficiency or monetary value. This would explain the testimonials such as this.

"I love to listen to my car. The turbo clicking in is the vacuum cleaner effect. The giddy-up effect is evident. You can feel the power through the steering wheel, as well as the back of your seat.

Theory 4 - Men love cars is about relaxation

A BMW study found that men feel completely at ease driving their cars and have no need to prove anything. Driving behind the wheel is the only place a man can feel in total control. While electronic safety systems and GPS can take control when necessary, we still have the freedom to enjoy the unrestricted pleasures of the open roads. There is no pressure, criticism, stress -- only the endless miles ahead. Driving is one of the few things a man can do on his own without having to be questioned by others. Driving across the country is where most people will find zen.

Theory 5 - A car is a status symbol

While it's obvious that women feel more pressure to be successful in business, we believe that most men feel pressured to justify their existence at home as well. A beautiful, fast car can be a great way to show the world you are valuable and are a success in life.

Theory 6 - The car as territory

You only have to look at all the custom options available, which include everything from specialty shifters to lift kits to high-end wheels to understand that our vehicles are their own little territory. The aftermarket options are proof that some guys view the space occupied with his set of wheels as a kingdom in which he reigns supreme. This gives you a new perspective on modding.

Theory 7 - Cars are amazing

What is it that men do to impress and impress women? It is interesting to note that while people love to call cars a man thing, many men purchase cars they think women will enjoy. Their efforts are not in vain. It might not be wasted. A fascinating study of men and women showed that women respond physically to high-performance sports cars revving their engines.

Theory 8 - It's a powerful thing

It's hard to imagine anyone not wanting control over 4,000-pounds pure power. It's no surprise that many men choose large, powerful, and fast cars over small commuter sedans. It's more than just raw power. The owner of a luxury or a special-purpose vehicle is an indicator that they have economic power.

The emotional roots behind men's love for cars

If you believe that car enthusiasts are motivated solely by testosterone and a desire to be a celebrity, then think again. A review of several studies by Psychology of Men & Masculinity revealed that many men struggled to identify and verbalize their emotions. It's safe, productive, and easy to channel your emotional energy into cars, whether you just love them or are a master at rebuilding them. Did you know that many men talk to their cars? According to studies, talking to your car or talking about it can make you more expressive in other areas of your life.

While cars can be fixed, there are many other things that may need to be done in a man's daily life. While the problems at work can seem endless, our home life can also be quite messy. Our cars and trucks are, however, relatively simple, especially older models that don't have computers. A garage is a place where a man can control one part of his world. Entropy can be reversed with the right tools and some car wax.

It is important to clarify that we are not trying to suggest that women don’t love cars. We've noticed a rise in the number of women attending car shows, car auctions, and car enthusiast groups over the years. This diversity is great and we welcome it because it will change the face of the auto enthusiast community.

However, it's clear that cars and trucks have a special place within a man's heart. These feelings are what drive many car manufacturers' decisions about car design. BMW's philosophy of pure driving pleasure is an example. This could explain why men are ten times more likely to drive a car than women when they move. A car is an extension of the self for most men. It is impossible to leave it behind. It was never an option.