Posted on 01/10/22

Limousine Shipping Services

Limousine Shipping Services

If you don't know about auto transport, it can be difficult to transport a limousine. Most people who transport limousines are either managers or owners of companies that own a fleet of limousines or are in the business selling or shipping limousines to other businesses. While some people may own their limousines, most people who ship them are shipping them on business. This can help to lower the price, especially if it isn't your first limousine.

Send a Limousine

There are several things that you should know about transporting a limousine. This can impact your cost and availability to other carriers. You will need the year, make, and model of your limousine. This will help you give an auto transport representative an idea of the type of limousine you are looking to ship. Also, the length of your limousine must be available so that you can start getting quotes.

If the limousine is a standard limousine made from a regular car, the length of the vehicle is important. The more space a limousine takes up on a transport truck, the longer it is. A few trucks can accommodate a standard-stretch limousine in one space. However, longer limousines will require more space so that the truck can carry more load. The limousine shipper will be charged more for the extra space. To get a quote for your vehicle's transportation, fill out our online form. You can place your order online for auto transport or call us to talk to one of our live representatives. They will answer all your questions and provide more information about the auto transport process.