Posted on 02/15/22

Learn About The Different Types Of Auto Carriers

Learn About The Different Types Of Auto Carriers

You will need to choose the type of carrier you want to use when shipping your car. There are many options available, including enclosed and open carriers. The details of your shipment and your preference will determine which one you choose.

How an auto transport vehicle works

Car carriers were designed to transport cars. Car carriers are made to transport cars. An open-air car carrier with two decks will typically have two. This allows them to move more cars at once. Many enclosed carriers have two decks.

Your driver will check your ID and inspect your car for any damage. The driver will then get in your car and drive it carefully onto the carrier.

After that, the driver will lock and unlock the vehicle. Four different points are used to attach cars to the carrier. To attach the car to the carrier, the driver will use a variety of straps and chains. Many vehicles have precise tie-down holes. To secure cars to their carriers, chains with hooks made specifically for these holes are tightly connected. Drivers are required to attach the angle of the chain to the trailer at a specific angle so that cars can't move during transport.

Different types of car shipping carriers

It might be surprising to you that there are many types of car carriers. You can choose any of these depending on your car transport requirements.

  • Open Air Transport This is the traditional method of shipping cars. This is the most common type of car hauler you will see on the roads. This truck is large, similar to an eighteen-wheeler but without the large trailer. It has a trailer that is made up of two levels of dual-metal treads, which are large enough to hold car wheels. The driver loads the car onto the trailer using these treads. After that, the straps and chains are used to attach the car to it via the wheels' wells. These carriers can hold five to ten cars, depending on the model. Because of their high availability, open-air carriers have the fastest transit times and the lowest shipping costs.
  • enclosed transport - This sight is rarer than open-air transport. This type of carrier has a standard boxed trailer. It means that any hauls made on these trailers will have a roof and two walls of protection. This trailer is usually larger than the average eighteen-wheeler haul. The vehicle is loaded onto the trailer by driving to the back and parking on the flattened trailer doors. Hydraulic lifts raise the vehicle and allow it to be driven onto the trailer. The trailers can be used to transport cars while protecting them from the elements.
  • Single Car Trailers/Towing. Single car trailers or towing are rare forms of shipping a vehicle. It is more expensive than shipping a car by mail. These trucks have a trailer that can fit one vehicle or a truck that can tow one vehicle. These transport carriers can be used to load cars by attaching them to the truck to tow or driving up the ramp to load the car. This method of shipping cars is the most convenient, but also the most expensive.

Which one should you choose?

It is up to you and your circumstances whether you choose enclosed or open-air transport. The vast majority of car shipments are made using open-air transport. It is actually used for 90% of car shipping.

For certain car shipments, enclosed transport is an option. Enclosed transport is typically used by those who have antique or classic cars and don't want to risk whether or road debris coming in contact with them. This is a rare possibility for open-air transport. Enclosed transport will cost you an additional couple hundred dollars.

Single-car trailers are also rare. These trailers are also quite expensive. These are also the most difficult to schedule. Avoid this type of auto transport if your shipment is more than 100 miles.


It is the easiest way to avoid driving your car all over the country. There are many options when you ship your car. A majority of people ship their cars on open-air transport carriers nine times out of 10. It is the most cost-effective and convenient option. For certain shipments, enclosed auto transport is also an option.

You can choose the option that suits you best. Get a free online quote to find out the estimated transit time and cost for each option. Call us to speak with a live shipping expert and answer any questions.