Posted on 12/14/20

Know The Basics Of Car Shipping

Know The Basics Of Car Shipping

We understand people have a lot of confusions, misunderstandings, and concerns about the car transport process and the overall car shipping industry. As one of the leading vehicle transportation vendors, we see it as our responsibility to answer the questions of average consumers and guide them about the process. We have done some research and identified some frequently asked questions by common people about the car shipping industry. These questions and their answers are listed below:


What is Car Shipping?

Car shipping or vehicle transport is a service that involves shipping cars from one location to another using vehicle shipping carriers. Consumers can opt for various modes of shipping while keeping their budget and requirements in mind. Generally, there are two most common types of vehicle shipping that are offered by all car transport companies. The first type is open transport and the second one is enclosed shipping. Both types have their own pros and cons, however, in simple terms, open transport tends to be more economical while enclosed transport is more secure because the vehicle is enclosed in a protective container during the shipping process. 


What will be the possible cost of a vehicle transport?

The cost you need to pay for the shipping of the car mostly depends on the distance a shipping carrier needs to cover while moving your car from one location to another. Usually, for short distances that are under 500 miles, it can cost you around $2 per mile or around $600 for a 300-mile trip.  For medium distances that are somewhere between 500 and 1500 miles, you need to pay $1 per mile, so an 800-mile trip will cost you around $800. Distances that are more than 1500 miles will cost you $0.60 per mile so if your car is covering a distance of 2000 miles during the shipping process you will pay around $1200 as the shipping price. 


What should I do in order to get a car transport quote?

Getting a vehicle transport quote is easy, you can get the quote through different ways. You can visit the office of a car shipping company, call their customer support, or get the quote online by using the cost estimator available on the vehicle shipping company’s website. If you need an expedited pickup of your car, you should make the shippers aware of it in advance. You need to provide shippers with the most accurate and updated information while asking for a quote. Here are some details that you need to tell before asking for a quote:


  • Give details about the pickup location of your car and where you need to ship it, if you can provide the zip codes then you must do it to get an accurate shipping price quote.
  • Make sure you know your requirements and budget to opt for any of open and enclosed transportation modes accordingly.
  • You also need to specify the registration year of the vehicle, its make and model. This helps your shipper to make sure that they have the shipping carrier of required size to handle your car.
  • You need to tell whether your car is operational or not, this helps shippers in figuring out whether your car can be driven forward and backward with basic steering functionality, or they need to hire towing equipment for pickup and drop-off of your vehicle.
  • You also need to tell the vehicle shipping company about the earliest possible pickup date for the pickup of your vehicle to save the time of shipping staff and yourself. 


How can I calculate the estimated price of the sipping process of my car?

You can’t estimate the shipping price of your car based on shipping cost paid by others for the same distance. Shipping companies take a number of factors into the account while calculating the shipping cost of a customer including vehicle condition, size of the car, mode of transport, location, and the time of the year. When it comes to the condition of your car, shipping companies look whether the car is operable or inoperable and make modifications in the asking price accordingly. Similarly, they also take the shipping destination in the account and figure out whether it is an urban area or a rural one. Shipping to rural areas may cost more. Car size also matters a lot in calculating the shipping price, vehicle transport companies check whether it is a sedan, an SUV, or a pickup truck and charge accordingly. Similarly, the time of year is also a critical factor in deciding the price required to ship a car and whether it is off-season or not. Weather conditions also play a role, the fare prices during the winter season are generally higher as compared to the summers. 


What is open transport mode?

It is the most common type of vehicle transportation used worldwide and across the states. It is way easier in terms of handling and arrangement as compared to the enclosed car shipping process. Open car shipping tends to be cheaper as well, because an open car shipping carrier can handle the shipping of around 8 to 10 cars at a time. This process is done using an open trailer, it is also the fastest way to ship your car because most of the trailers in a company’s fleet are aimed to handle open transport. The availability of wider options makes it the fastest way for vehicle transportation.  


How enclosed transport is different from open transport?

Enclosed car transport is the safest type of transportation for vehicles which is suitable for exotic and luxury cars that need protection from even the slightest harms. This shipping mode adds an additional protection layer during the shipping of a vehicle. However, it is considerably costly as compared to the open transport method because enclosed trailers for vehicle shipping are in lesser numbers and can only carry a maximum of 4 cars at a time which raises the cost of vehicle shipping at 30 to 40% more than the open car transportation.