Posted on 10/04/22

Is There Special Insurance Required If I Use An Auto Shipping Service

Is There Special Insurance Required If I Use An Auto Shipping Service

You want to protect your vehicle during shipping. Accidents can happen, even though they are not very common. It is important that your vehicle is properly insured when it is being shipped from one location to the next. Lack of insurance is something you don't want to have to worry about. There may be exclusions to the industry-standard insurance that auto shippers provide. This will protect your vehicle from theft and damage by the transport company. These are some things that you need to know in order to protect your vehicle from potential problems.

What insurance do shipping companies offer?

The law requires auto shipping companies to carry insurance coverage for cars they transport. Cargo and liability insurance is the most common type of insurance. This means that any damage sustained during transit would be covered. It is important to note that the insurance does not cover the vehicle or any items inside it. You should remove all personal items from your vehicle before you ship it. You should also ask for proof of insurance from the shipping company and get any other agreements in writing.

What is the Coverage?

Auto shipping companies must have insurance coverage. However, the coverage amount varies from one company to the next. When choosing a shipping company, this is something to consider. Sometimes, your vehicle's total coverage is determined by the lowest Kelly Blue Book value. Additional coverage may be required in these cases. Ask the shipping company a few questions such as: What kind of damage is covered? Is there an excess? How much coverage do you have? Is it possible to buy additional insurance? Be aware of any restrictions the shipping company may place on your policy, such as "acts of God", which can include earthquakes, floods, and tornadoes.

Does my auto insurance cover shipment?

Your auto insurance company may provide coverage for your vehicle while it's in transit depending on the policy. Ask your insurance company questions about your coverage and whether you will need to provide any notification from the auto shipping company.

The industry standard for auto shipping insurance is provided by all reputable auto transport companies. Make sure you verify all information before shipping and get a copy. If your vehicle is damaged during transport, make sure to document the damage immediately and file a claim as soon as possible.