Posted on 03/24/22

Is It Worth Using RV Drive Away Services

Is It Worth Using RV Drive Away Services

Because of the potential cost savings, drive-away services have been growing in popularity in recent years. There are many benefits to driving away vehicle transport. However, we will briefly discuss the reasons you should be cautious when using them. You have to decide how much money you can save versus the possibility of your RV being driven by someone you don’t know.

What is Drive Away Transport?

A method of auto transportation that allows you to pick up your vehicle from your desired location and drive it there on your behalf is called "Driveaway car shipping". You don't pay for the driver's time when you hire someone to drive your car. This is how cost savings come into play. You should not forget that you will still need to pay for gas and any repairs that might occur due to long drives. This is a short overview of the drive-away transportation method. You can find out more on our dedicated page.

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The Trust Factor

RV driveaway services can also be used for other vehicles. This is because you are putting a lot of trust in the driver. They will not only be driving your RV, but they will also be responsible for the safety and security of the vehicle. This requires trust and can lead to people being reluctant to use these services. It is recommended that you only use drive-away RV transportation through a licensed auto shipping who provides these services as part of their normal business practices. There are many ways to save money, but you also have to take the risk of having your RV driven by someone you don’t know.

Insurance Considerations

An essential part of any RV transport company is insurance coverage. This also applies to driving away shipping. Private parties don't offer the same coverage as licensed auto shippers. You will still have your existing auto insurance, but you will be responsible for any accidents or damages that may occur. An RV transport company must legally have additional insurance that is beyond your auto insurance. This provides extra protection in the event of mishaps.