Posted on 12/02/22

Is It The Right Time To Sell Your Car

Is It The Right Time To Sell Your Car

You just reached 100,000 miles on your car and are now asking yourself, "Is it time to sell?" These 3 money-saving tips will help you save time and money before you go to the dealership to trade your car in for a new one.

What's It Worth?

You should do some research about the make and model of your car and take into account its condition. The trade-in value is the amount a dealer will likely offer you for your car. Kelly Blue Book (, is a great website to find out how much your vehicle is worth based on its condition and how many kilometers it has.

Plan Ahead

When was the last time your brakes were replaced or were major mechanical repairs performed? If you answer "never", then your resale price could be disastrous. She may "run like a dream", but that doesn't necessarily mean she will always. You will need to inform the next buyer or dealer about any recent repairs. Too many or too few can lower the resale price.

To make your vehicle more attractive to potential buyers, you might want to put a bit of money back into it. You might consider new tires, brakes, and timing belts. A few minor upgrades can make your vehicle more attractive before you sell it.

Is it worth it?

You should also consider the cost of repairs versus the trade-in price. You could end up paying more for your vehicle than you will get if it needs the maintenance we mentioned (and some that we didn't mention).

You may have to sell your car to make it profitable again.

If ignored, minor maintenance problems can lead to serious issues. Consider the timing belt as an example. A timing belt replacement could cost you around $600. This could cause serious engine problems that could result in thousands of dollars if it is not addressed.

You can extend the life of your car and save money by making minor repairs. It is important to find the right carrier for your shipping needs. There are many options with different quality and prices. Get a free quote today!