Posted on 10/06/22

Is It Possible To Ship Your Vehicle With Items In The Trunk

Is It Possible To Ship Your Vehicle With Items In The Trunk

Customers often ask about auto shipping. To make moving easier, it makes sense to pack your car with all of your belongings. Here are the reasons:

  • It is legal to transport items in your car or trunk. However, many companies recommend that you don't do so as it increases the risk of items being stolen or damaged during transportation. Many companies suggest that personal items be removed from your vehicle before you ship.
  • Shipping your vehicle with additional items can increase the cost of shipping. Each car shipment has a maximum weight limit that is determined by vehicle make and model. Your vehicle may be refused by the carrier if it exceeds these weight limits.
  • It can be risky to ship items in your car. To avoid theft, many car transport companies require that your items be placed below the window line. People passing by your vehicle could consider it a chance to steal. The carrier will make several stops at fuel stations and rest areas. If your window is broken or items stolen, you could be held responsible. Additionally, your vehicle's contents can be damaged by being moved around during transport.

The Best Methods to Ship Items in Your Car

It is not recommended but you can leave your belongings in your car. These tips can help you avoid unpleasant situations.

  • Do not ship valuables.
  • You must ensure that no boxes, bags, or suitcases are visible from the windows.
  • Don't pack fragile items.
  • Do not pack too many items that exceed the weight limit.
  • Before packing your items into your trunk, check with your auto shipping company.
  • Avoid storing liquids, firearms, or flammables.