Posted on 01/09/23

Is It Possible To Ship My Car If It Is Full Of Stuff

Is It Possible To Ship My Car If It Is Full Of Stuff

Most people who ship cars are interested in packing the vehicle during transportation. People shipping cars are often moving to start a new life in another city. It seems simpler to load the car with their household items and then haul it off. This is not the best way to save money when moving. Car haulers are not always able to transport extra weight and they will charge you a higher price.

It is a fact that hauling more weight requires more fuel. The hauler will need to use more fuel to do the job, which means it will cost more. This article explains how fuel economy works and what 100 extra pounds can add up to your vehicle's cost. Imagine a multi-vehicle hauler transporting 6-8 vehicles. You can see how extra belongings in each vehicle add up to increase the weight and cost of the load.

Weight restrictions:

One consideration when shipping a car that is full of stuff is the weight of the load. Many car shipping companies have weight restrictions in place, and exceeding these limits can result in additional fees or may not be possible at all.

Damage risk:

Another concern when shipping a car that is full of stuff is the risk of damage. Packing a car too full can make it more difficult to secure the load properly, which can increase the risk of damage during transport.

Insurance coverage:                                                                                     

It is important to check with your car shipping company to determine their insurance coverage for vehicles that are shipped with personal belongings inside. Some companies may not cover damages to personal items, while others may have exclusions or limits on their coverage.

Alternative options:

If your car is full of stuff and you are concerned about the weight or risk of damage, you may want to consider alternative options for transporting your belongings. This could include using a moving company or renting a trailer to tow behind your car.

Overall, whether or not a car shipping company will be able to transport a car that is full of stuff will depend on a variety of factors, including the weight of the load, the risk of damage, and the company's insurance coverage. It is important to carefully consider these issues and discuss them with the car shipping company before making a decision.

For standard vehicles, car shipping quotes are highly recommended. To compensate for any extra gas, your hauler will charge an additional weight fee if your vehicle is heavier than the recommended weight. The additional fees are the same as shipping your belongings via the mail or another delivery service. It doesn't matter how much you pack in your car, even if it seems small. The driver can decide whether you want to leave additional items in your car during transport.

We understand that you may want to leave some things in your car. Sometimes it is not a problem. It's best to be aware of any limitations or additional fees so you don't make costly mistakes later. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about car shipping and what you can keep in your vehicle while it is being transported. Call us to speak with one of our helpful sales representatives.