Posted on 04/08/22

Is It Possible To Ship A Car Using PODS

Is It Possible To Ship A Car Using PODS

It is not uncommon for people to wish to ship their cars when moving to a new location. This is the best option for long-distance moving and can save you money and time.

It would be great if your vehicle could be driven into the same PODS as your mover and picked up by them. With the help of Move Car, let's see if this is an option.

What is a PODS?

The Portable On Demand Storage (or PODS) is a modern version of the popular UHaul. It can be used to move and store just about anything that can fit. PODS, like the UHaul, is the preferred option for those who want to do their own move or prefer a more affordable option to professional moving companies.

PODS is different from other container supply services. They come in different sizes and at different prices to meet different needs. PODS allows you to move at your own pace by offering monthly rentals for storage and moving.

PODS Sizes

There are three sizes of PODS: large, medium and small.

Large containers

Their 16ft PODS container is the largest, and it's designed to move large households. It measures 16x8x8ft or 835 cubic feet. This is comparable to a 10x15ft storage unit or a 20ft moving truck.

Large containers can hold up to 3-4 rooms or approximately 1200 sq. A minimum of 3 ft. It is also ideal for transporting small businesses with equipment and furniture from one location to another.

Medium Container

The next size is 12ft. It is ideal for approximately 500-800 square feet of belongings. ft. This is a popular size for moving apartments and can also be used to store and move in-town.

This container measures 12x8x8ft. It is comparable to a 10x10 storage unit or a 15ft rental moving truck. It measures 689 cubic feet.

Small containers

The smallest container measures 8x7x8ft. This container has a maximum of 402 cubic feet of space. It is ideal for young adults and college students who don't need a lot of stuff.

It is roughly the same size as a walk-in closet. One can also compare it to a 10 ft or 5 x 10ft storage unit. You can fit all the items in a 500 square foot space. This container can hold up to 500 sq. ft of items.

Mix and match

PODS allows you to mix and match containers in order to complete your relocation. Although the most common mix is small and large containers, it's up to your choice and what you need.

These dimensions are only approximate and are provided for guidance. How things are packed and how large your items are will influence the amount of space that you can get out of a container.


PODS follows a similar pricing system to Move Car. Your final price will be determined by the services that you require, as well as other factors.

Use PODS to get the benefits

Why do so many Americans and people around the globe use PODS to move their household goods and vehicles? It can be more economical and give them greater control over their shipment.

Here are some reasons to use PODS to move your vehicle and house:

It is possible to get it cheaper

It is expensive to rent a truck or take multiple trips with your personal belongings in your car. PODS is a way to reduce the upfront cost of moving. Users can pack their PODS containers at their own pace and on their terms. The price you pay will be determined by your needs.

It can be loaded by you

PODS allows you to load it yourself, unlike other rental trucks. PODS containers are delivered to your home and you can either load it yourself or with help from friends.

You can pack and load according to your schedule instead of spending a whole day supervising movers. It means that you can fill your PODS container whenever you have a little extra time.

Loading is easier

PODS was designed to make it easier for people with taller bodies to load and unload boxes from moving trucks. This takes a lot more time and effort than it is to do the job right, so the PODS were placed on the ground until they are ready to be picked up.

There won't be a driver waiting for your PODS container to be moved. Once it is loaded and packed, you can go to your driveway and load the container.


PODZILLA is the right answer if you are wondering what happens when your stuff is loaded onto a truck. PODZILLA, a level-lifting system, was created to ensure that PODS and all other items are kept level when loaded onto trucks.

PODZILLA can also be used to lift PODS from tight spots that trucks cannot fit into, and then maneuver it to a safe lifting position.

It is more secure

PODS are designed to resist the most severe threat to movement, i.e., extreme weather conditions. PODS are waterproof and can withstand winds up to 110 mph. They also keep moisture away from the contents. Because they are made from special polymers, they can withstand a lot of impacts and take any beatings if necessary.

Another great feature of PODS locks is that you only have one key. Once it's locked at Point A it can't be opened until it arrives at Point B.

Can I ship a car using PODS?

PODS are not intended to transport cars and the company has not yet released any PODS models that can be used for this purpose. It is also prohibited to transport motorized vehicles or lawnmowers with PODS. You will need to hire an auto transport company for this task.

Move Car offers several options to get your car there at the lowest car shipping prices.

Move Car- Car Shipping

Move Car is the leading US car shipping and moving company. Its reputation precedes it. It starts with professionalism and ends with client satisfaction.

Use PODS to Coordinate Your Move

APODS containers are not allowed to ship cars, but you can coordinate your move with Move Car to ensure everything arrives on schedule. Imagine arriving at your new house and being forced to use public transport until your car can be shipped.

We have a wide range of vans that can transport your vehicle anywhere in the country. We will only need the address and time.

Be a part of a team you can trust

No matter how flashy or modest your car may be, it is valuable. You need it to get you there and should treat it with respect.

Move Car is proud to have a professional team of drivers and admin who have the skills and experience needed to do the job right. You can trust Move Car to transport your car anywhere within the country.

Get Unbeatable Prices

Transporting an auto can be expensive. It is important to shop around to find the lowest rates and the highest quality service.

We are an auto transport company that cares. We know the value of every dollar and the hard work required to obtain it.

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Personalize your auto transport

Move Car allows you to customize your car shipping service to meet your specific needs.

To save time and avoid the hassle of going to the terminal, it may be a good idea to have your vehicle delivered directly to your home if you are new to the area. To fit in with your busy life, we offer door-to-door delivery to transport inoperable cars where they need to be.

If you want to save money and make it easier for your driver, you can also use our terminal to terminal auto transport service.

This enclosed transport service is perfect for rare and expensive vehicles such as classic and luxury cars that require extra care and protection. Your car will be completely protected from the elements and prying eyes by all those who may see it on its journey.

Open-air transport is more affordable and suitable for most cars. This is because more cars can be carried on this carrier and the fuel costs are shared.

Learn more about how to ship a car to the United States. Contact us today to talk to a representative that will help you navigate the process and show you all of the options.