Posted on 10/20/22

Is It Possible For Car Shippers To Be Held Responsible If My Car Is Stolen

Is It Possible For Car Shippers To Be Held Responsible If My Car Is Stolen

Many people consider their car to be one of their most valuable assets. Therefore, they worry about how safe shipping their vehicle is. This is a valid concern. Before you hand your car over to an auto shipping company, it's important to do some research on its reputation. Many people believe that the auto shipping company is responsible for any damage or theft. However, they might be surprised to learn that not all companies have policies that cover the vehicle while it is in transit. You might be required to sign a waiver by auto shipping companies that they will not accept liability for any damage or theft. It is important to verify the policy of the auto shipping company before signing any contract. Here are some other insurance tips to ensure your vehicle is safe in case of theft.

Contact the Shipping Company to Discuss Their Policy

Auto shipping companies should provide you with a copy of their insurance coverage. This will allow you to know exactly what they cover. Make sure you specify whether your car is covered for transport or only during loading and unloading. After you have received a copy of your insurance policy, be sure to sign it. You must have written proof of insurance before you sign any contracts.

Get Auto Insurance from Your Own Company

Your policy may provide coverage for your vehicle while it is in transit, but this cannot be assumed. Also, you should inquire if this coverage is automatically provided or if the shipping company must be notified.

The Bill of Lading

Every auto shipping carrier must present you with a Bill of Lading when your vehicle is delivered. This document is used to prove that your vehicle arrived in good shape. You will not be able to obtain a Bill of Lading if your vehicle is stolen. This should be reported immediately to the insurance company.

How to File a Complaint

You must immediately report any vehicle thefts that occur during transportation to your insurance company. You can also file a complaint to the U.S. Department of Transportation if the auto shipping company refuses to cooperate with you.