Posted on 09/05/22

Is It Necessary For Someone To Be Present When You Pick Up And Deliver A Vehicle

Is It Necessary For Someone To Be Present When You Pick Up And Deliver A Vehicle

Auto transport companies are unable to give exact pickup and delivery times. Delays can be caused by weather, traffic, or mechanical problems. You may wonder if you are required to be there when your vehicle is picked up or delivered. You don't have to be there personally, but someone can do so on your behalf.

What to expect when your vehicle is picked up

Before your vehicle is shipped, you should have discussed with your transporter the terms of your contract, including payment information and mutual contact information. You can also ask your driver any questions at pick-up if you have any concerns. It is a great time to review everything and discuss any issues with your vehicle.

Your transporter will inspect your vehicle together and make notes of any dents, scratches, or dings. This inspection will be confirmed by you signing the driver's Bill of Lading. It includes details about the inspection. This document is proof that your vehicle is in good condition and can be used to prove its damage during transit.

What to expect when your vehicle is delivered

It is important that you or someone acting on your behalf is present at delivery in order to meet the transporter. This is because your vehicle will be subject to another inspection once it arrives at its destination. You will need to check the report against the Bill of Lading. The Bill of Lading will need to be signed again by you or the person you have designated to pick up your vehicle. You will then complete the payment. The transaction is final.

What happens if you are not available?

You should have someone to represent you if you are unable to attend either pick-up or delivery. You must give the contact information of this person to the driver before shipment. This person will inspect the shipment and sign the Bill of Lading.