Posted on 03/22/21

Inc Recognizes Move Car As One Of The Fastest Growing Companies In California

Inc Recognizes Move Car As One Of The Fastest Growing Companies In California

Move Car auto transport has won the trust of a lot of customers across the states because of its quality services and technology-based logistics support for car shipping. Moreover, it has also gathered attention of various big platforms as one of the fastest growing companies. ‘Inc.’ is no different, recognized as one of the most reliable American business media platforms, Inc. has also affirmed the status of Move Car auto transport as one of the fastest growing privately owned business entities and listed it at the 15th spot in the section of 5000 Regionals that serves the purpose of highlighting the top 5000 swiftly growing private companies established in California

While there are many companies included in the list, being a privately owned business working in the car shipping industry and making it to the top 20 of 5000 regionals is quite a feat for us. There are plenty of factors that enabled us to crack this achievement.  However, before we shed some light on those factors, it is important to take a look at how Inc. described Move Car auto transport in it regional 5000 list and what our CEO has to say regarding this development. 

We have put together all the aforementioned topics in details to help our user understand why we made it to Inc.’s list, how our CEO sees this development, and what factors enabled us to crack this achievement despite the presence of numerous car shipping companies offering their services in California and rest of the states. Further details are given below:

Inc.’s Description About Move Car Auto Transport:

Inc. as a renowned business magazine has long been appreciated and respected because it provides local businesses with support and the recognition they deserve, and rank them on the basis of their growth and quality in their products or services. While listing Move Car auto transport in the 5000 Regionals from the state of California where thousands of companies are established, Inc. listed Move Car at the 15th spot and described it as “A company provides technology-based logistics support for shipping cars across the US and internationally.” Additionally, they also mentioned a huge growth of 1,429% in sales of Move Car over the period of the last two years.  This is really a great moment for all of us at Move Car, and we see it as the reward of the efforts we have put in making our services top of the line and keeping our customers happy and satisfied. 

The CEO’s Take: 

While being included in the 5000 Regionals list of Inc. is the happiest news to everyone who is somehow linked with Move Car auto transport, it is something even better for our CEO Mr. Yasin Arif who was overwhelmed with joy and couldn’t control his feelings. Including Yasin’s views is a must here. The first thing he said was, “Focusing on quality got us so far! Starting in a garage located in an apt building and getting listed amongst top 20 in 5000 Regionals really is an achievement”. 

“Our main objective whether we were working from a small garage or an incubator in the penthouse of the tallest building in Berkeley, California was always quality. Focusing on quality has been really helping us win the trust and appreciation of general customers in the car shipping industry and businesses who require car shipping resources on a regular basis. Our focus on quality has also helped us in making through leaps and bounds to reach the status of the pioneers of the car shipping industry across the states”, he further added. He also described the business landscape and measures taken by Move Car auto transport during the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, “With the outbreak of Covid-19, when all the businesses were uncertain, we planned an effective strategy and our whole team started working from home. This work from home included entertaining customers through phone calls. Additionally, we planned an expansion of our engineering and marketing department across the world to support the growth of our business. 

He also added, “I feel honored on the behalf of our whole team to be nominated as the #15 company in 5000 Regionals by The inclusion of a company in this list is not that simple, they go through a financial audit of the company where they analyze the financial history and growth, we were fortunate enough to fulfill all their requirements”. 

The Secret Behind Massive Success of Move Car Auto Transport:

He also told the secret behind the exceptional business growth of Move Car lately, “people started buying and selling cars more than ever through the web. We have partnerships with some of the biggest retailers in California. This enables us to boom our sales percentage up to a mammoth 1,429% which is definitely a huge achievement”. 

He disclosed the secret behind the huge success of Move Car and said, “We were the first to introduce innovations in the car shipping industry by the introduction of first to the industry features like instant car shipping quote for multiple cars for our customers and dealerships, which is offered by no other car shipping company across the states. We also launched a dedicated application for dealers and a mobile application for our carriers with the name of Move Car Hauler to increase the quality of our services”.

Loads of Celebrations and Gratitude All Around:

He was entirely grateful to for the inclusion of Move Car auto transport in 5000 regionals and expressed his gratefulness by saying, “It is an absolute honor to be placed at #15 out of 5,000 best and brightest businesses across California. Knowing that California is termed as Mecca for tech companies, it is quite a feat for us to be capable enough to make it to the top 15 of 5000 Regionals. We are so excited and humbled by this development. It will surely boost us and provide us with substantial support to make our services even better. 

He gave the credit of this huge success to the entire Move Car team and said, “I want to thank my employees for the effort they have put in leading Move Car to this position”. He also expressed huge gratitude towards the partners and customers of Move Car auto transport and said,  “I want to express a huge gratitude towards our partners and customers who were major contributors to our success, soon we'll be making major revelations as things continue to unfold for us and this is just the start.” The members of the Move Car auto transport team are more than overwhelmed with the joy and celebrations as they gear up to be America’s best car shipping company.