Posted on 02/07/22

Ideas To Transform Your Van Into The Ultimate Home Away From Home

Ideas To Transform Your Van Into The Ultimate Home Away From Home

This article is intended for DIY-ers. They are the ones who love to build things. They are most happy when they can build exactly what they want. This is what you are looking for - or if you're a DIY enthusiast, then you can read on to learn more about custom van ideas for living on a road.

Maybe you have already purchased your dream recreational vehicle, and are eager to embark on your next adventure. You might need to give your dream vehicle some love if you don't purchase a converted sprinter van.

We've compiled our top van ideas to help you get started on your van conversion project.


It doesn't matter what alternative living vehicle you choose; space is always a challenge. Minimalism is your friend, but you will need to be creative to fit all your belongings in the back of a camper, skoolie or sprinter van. Custom cabinets are a great way to maximize storage space within your vehicle's dimensions.


These full-time road warriors (with their three dogs) live in a converted 2008 Chevy bluebird skoolie. Also known as Magpie the Bus. They are self-employed organic farmers and travel the country in search of alternative lifestyles and ecological agriculture.

Logan and Cheezy put storage space first when transforming their schoolie's interior. This is why all their cabinets were custom-built by them.


Are you looking to maximize cabinet space in your van's interior? HanKsHideawayShop is an Etsy shop. You can order custom-sized cabinets in a variety of sizes. This rustic mountain cabinet is our favorite. This cabinet is the ideal style for living on the road.


There are many ways to shower while on the road. You can use a campground or gym, but an in-van shower is much more convenient.

Water storage limits are important to be aware of. You will lose space, however 24-hour access to your shower sounds like a worthwhile investment.

Depending on the dimensions of your van and its layout, the location of the shower depends on where it will be located. Showers have been placed behind the driver's chair, on the side, or at the back of the bed. It doesn't matter where it is, it will work.


Megan and Chris are husband and wife who transform Mercedes Sprinter vans into beautiful homes-on-wheels. The small space feels spacious and bright thanks to their sleek modern design.

You can create a stunning look by using backsplash tile in your stand-alone shower. Stick-on tiles are a better option than putting on extra weight. There is no grout required.

Space-Saving Hack: When you're not using your lathe, store your portable toilet in your standing shower.


You want your van to be a show-stopper and not just a necessity. You can find a wide range of wallpaper and stick-on tiles at HomeArtStickers, which will add an extra dimension to your home on wheels. This Antalya design is our favorite.


There are many ways to add a comfortable bed to your van, depending on how much space you have.

We love the table-to-bed conversion design and the loft design. Each has its pros and cons, depending on your lifestyle.


Sara and Alex James originally sold their house to live in a converted van, but eventually started a new venture. The duo now designs and sells vans to help others live the life they dream of.

They have a lot of creative van layout ideas and have created living spaces that are mobile for anyone, from the single outdoorsman to the four-person family. For your custom van design ideas, we recommend you check out their designs.

This table-bed area convertible design (shown here in a 2019 Extended Promaster van) works great for entertaining or if you need extra space. The con?

The loft bed design includes a full-time bed and additional storage. The bed is located by the kitchen and has a small seating area. However, entertaining can be difficult because it's not completely lost. You won't have to entertain houseguests if you live on the street.


Every camper van is different so every bed is custom-made. After that, it is time to decorate the bed. Chairish offers a wide selection of vintage blankets and quilts to make your home comfortable, stylish, and cozy.

Boho Cotton Throw Blanket available on Chairish.

A pair of Custom Boho Striped Pillows in a Pair, available on Chairish

Go Green

Living off the grid is one of the best parts of living on the road. If you don't have a campground or KOA hook-up, you are on your own in the wilderness. This means that you are responsible for keeping the lights on and the water warm.

We love the idea of custom vans with solar panels that can be added to your other living vehicle. This will allow you to be more self-sufficient and use less energy.


Kaya Lindsay, a writer, filmmaker, and photographer, lives the #vanlife with her Dodge Sprinter van. Her blog also features a van conversion cost breakdown as well as videos detailing each step. This video shows her installing solar panels on her van's roof.

Get more great advice: Kaya's vanlife essentials has her top picks to keep you going when you're on the road.


A solar panel may be an option depending on your van's needs and your lifestyle. This one is from eBay.

Renogy Solar Panel Kit With Charge Controller Home, Available on eBay

These custom van designs will make any vehicle, no matter what it is, feel like home.

There are many companies that will do the van renovations for you if you don't have the skills. ActiVan Conversations as well Custom Crafted Vans are also available. Little House Trailer Company is another option. Celicia The Shasta is also available.

You've found the ideal camper van or the bulky and heavy materials to convert it, but are having difficulty figuring out how to ship it. We got you covered. Get a shipping estimate free online from Move Car.