Posted on 12/15/21

How To Transport A Car Without Plates

How To Transport A Car Without Plates

You may need to transport a car with no plates in some instances. If you purchase a car from someone else in another state, it may not be registered or has no plates. You will need to bring it to your state for registration and to start driving it.
If you are selling your car without plates, you might need to find a way for it to be bought. Let's dive into the details.

Can I transport a car without plates by driving it myself?

You can drive between states with no license plates, but only in certain states. You can legally drive your car in some states with temporary tags and "in-transit permits".

This varies from one state to the next. For example, in Oklahoma, it is not possible to do so. There is no system that allows you to drive a car with no plates. However, New York allows you to drive your car without plates for 30 days if the vehicle passes inspection.

We recommend that you only drive a car without plates to transport it if you are staying in your state and have legal permission. A car that is not properly registered, even temporarily, could lead to severe legal penalties and repercussions. For more information, consult your local DMV/BMV.

Can the car be driven on its old license plates until it's registered again?

No. It is illegal in most states for a car purchased or sold to be driven on the plates of its previous owner. Anyone other than the registered owner of the vehicle should not drive the car, even for a few days. You could face legal penalties and fines if you are caught doing so.

You must register your vehicle in your name immediately after you purchase it. If you are selling a vehicle, remove its license plates and give the buyer the paperwork necessary to register it in your name.

How to Transport a Car without Plates?

We recommend you hire a car transport company if you are transporting a vehicle across state lines without plates. This will not only save you time but also ensure that you don't break any laws. To transport your car on the back of a truck, you don't need to have it registered or insured.

A car purchased without plates can be simply loaded on a semi-truck carrier and driven to its destination. Once you have all the paperwork required for your state, you are able to register the car at the DMV/BMV and begin driving legally.

If you are selling your car, you can arrange to have it driven to the buyer's preferred drop-off location, and then they will handle the registration process. Hiring a car transport company to do the job is a great way to simplify things, especially if you need to move the car long distances.

Move Car Auto Transport can help you transport a car without plates in the US

Move Car Auto Transport is able to ship your car anywhere in the United States, regardless of whether you are a buyer or seller. This is a much more efficient way to ship your car than driving it yourself. It could also save you time and help you avoid any legal problems. Contact us online or call us.