Posted on 10/27/21

How To Spot Fake Auto Transport Reviews

How To Spot Fake Auto Transport Reviews

You will likely visit a few review websites to see the customer reviews of auto transport companies. This is generally a good idea as customer testimonials can give you a lot of insight into how the company treats your car. Be aware, however, that not all auto transport companies are honest and will pay people to write fake positive reviews.

The obvious problem is distinguishing between genuine reviews and fake reviews. It turns out that it is more difficult than you think. This post will explain how to spot fake reviews online and give you foolproof ways to identify them so that you can get real reviews.

Online reviews are not perfect.

Although there are many people who post reviews online about products or services, most do it only if they love them. You'll find more 5-star and 1-star reviews when you search for auto transport companies. This is because simple satisfaction or a positive experience won't usually inspire anyone to use Yelp or Angie's List.

Online reviews tend to be very brief. There will be a lot of 5-star and 4-star reviews, such as "arrived on time" or "good service", that don't give you much information about the actual experience. You also might see 1-star reviews that are even more terse and mysterious. To make things more complicated, Yelp and many other review sites use algorithms to sort and hide genuine reviews. This means that you might not see all the reviews left by customers for a company.

Fake reviews are a sign of weakness in companies

Fake reviews are a way for auto transport companies to gain new business. It is a practice that more companies are using than you might imagine. A popular study published by Business Insider a few years ago found that about 20% of Yelp reviews were fake. That's 1 in 5 reviews.

Companies pay for fake reviews because a rating of four or five stars will make them more attractive. It's but not harmless. In 2009, the FTC declared illegal soliciting fake reviews for pay or other purposes. There are consequences for breaking the law! For posting fake reviews on sites such as Yelp or Google Places, 19 businesses were recently fined $350,000.

It is more difficult than you think to spot fake reviews

Fake reviews are easy to spot so you might think you won't be able to fall for them. Cornell University's team was working on a computer that could detect fake reviews. They wanted to see how well people did at this task. They had students volunteer to sort through fake reviews and they were able to tell the difference. They were correct about half of the fake reviews, which suggests that fake reviews are more common than we realize.

Now that you know that fake reviews can be hard to spot, we are going to share our complete guide on how to spot fake reviews of auto transport companies online. These are the questions to ask when you look at online reviews about auto transport companies:

Is validation required for a review website?

You can try the platform yourself if you aren't familiar with it. This will allow you to see how easy it is to create a fake review. False reviews are more likely if you only submit a star rating or a few sentences without creating a login. You can rest assured that reviews posted on a website will be genuine if you have to verify that you are a customer (such as order ID numbers). For example, Move Car Auto Transport reviews can be found on This website requires you to submit specific details about your order such as the ID number or the price.

Did the company receive a large number of reviews all at once?

You should be suspicious if you see a lot of positive reviews about the company at the same time. Reviews will usually be posted at a steady rate and not concentrated on one day or one weekend. If a company has a long history of reviewing its products, it is more likely that they are genuine.

Are there reviews that include the words "I" and "me"?

Research from Cornell University shows that online reviews that use a lot of verbs and I often are more likely than those that contain fewer verbs. This could be because fake reviews writers try to make reviews appear more credible by using more personal pronouns.

Are the majority of reviews anonymous?

Although you can set up a profile on review websites, most reviews are anonymous. Be careful about what you read. While anonymous reviews are always possible on review sites that allow them to be created, most reviews will include a name.

Is the profile of the reviewer suspicious?

A profile with a name attached does not necessarily mean that it is real. Companies that employ people to create fake accounts and post fake reviews often generate a lot of fake reviews. If a profile has an anonymous name such as John Smith or is just a random string of letters and numbers that were clearly generated by a computer, you can be sure it's fake. A profile that has no photo or has one review is another sign.

Does the review contain glowing praises and exclamation points or?

Avoid negative reviews that are exaggerated, overly positive, or use words like "awesome" and "great". Genuine reviewers will be more objective and reserved in their praises. Fake reviews can be misleading if every review of an auto transport company is positive. You should look for reviews that list pros and cons, include other words than "fantastic" and "amazing", and are neutral in their evaluations of the company. Avoid using industry or marketing jargon when reviewing companies. Most customers won't.

Are there many repetitions in reviews?

You may see repeated phrases and praises in multiple reviews about a company. This could be due to the fact that they hired someone to write fake reviews.

Are there any grammar or spelling errors in the reviews?

A company may hire cheap freelancers to create fake reviews to boost their positive reviews. They may not speak the language of their customers or just want to get as many reviews done as possible quickly. Sometimes they forget to include details such as dates and specific details that can be used to verify reviews. They may also forget to include important details that provide legitimacy to reviews, such as dates or specific details about their experience.

Are the reviews more general than they are focused on?

Fake reviews are more likely to include generalized information such as how satisfied they were with the service and not specific details about the car transport. They are trying to sound authentic, but not going into too many details. You should look for real reviews.

Is it still worth reading reviews?

You can still learn a lot from testimonials, even with fake reviews. Keep the following questions in mind while you read testimonials. While you may want to read the most negative reviews to make your decision, middle-of-the-road reviews can give you a better idea of what kind of service you will receive.

According to scientific research, while 1- and 5-star reviews seem most trustworthy, 3-star reviews tend not to be as detailed or honest. Don't just rely on star ratings. A 5-star experience might be a 3-star experience for another person. Read the reviews. Different people have different ratings, so the text of reviews can tell you much more about how they felt.

You should look for reviews written by people who are most similar to your situation. If you are looking for a shipper who will transport your valuable antique car in an enclosed vehicle over long distances, you won't find the right information by reading reviews written by customers who moved their cars from one city to another on open carriers.

Finally, while customers can be a good starting point for you when researching an auto transport company, it should not be the only data that influences your final decision. You should be able to find reviews online about transport companies and feel more confident.

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