Posted on 11/15/21

How To Ship Your Car After An Accident

How To Ship Your Car After An Accident

You have now totaled your vehicle. It's wrecked. Unsalvageable. How can you tell? The insurance company looked at the situation and decided that there was no need to repair it. Your policy may cover a replacement. Unfortunately, you now have a large amount of scrap metal and it is your responsibility to get rid of it. The big question now is how are you going to do that? It's not possible to put your car in the trash, nor can you just take it to the junkyard. Car shipping is the answer.

Can you ship an inoperable car? Although mzost inoperable cars are shipped from one place to another, the majority of them are semi-functional. It's easy to load a car if it can be steered and rolled, and the brakes work. Transporting a damaged car requires special trucks, special equipment, safety procedures, and specially trained drivers. Every shipment is unique because no two wrecked cars are the same.

There are many auto transport companies that can offer car shipping services after an accident. Unfortunately, all that extra handling will cost you more than it would ship a car that is in good condition. The bad news is that shipping a damaged car to a junkyard or garage will cost you more than it would transport a working car the same distance.

It means that your car is not salvageable

Although the definitions of salvage vehicles vary from one state to the next, the general rule is that a vehicle becomes salvageable when it has been severely damaged and the company that insures it is unable to repair it. It would be more expensive to repair the damage than it is worth. The insurance company will pay the owner a settlement equal to the vehicle's pre-accident value less the deductible for collision or comprehensive coverage. After that, they will take possession of the vehicle. Sometimes, instead of paying out a payout, the insurance company will replace the vehicle with one of equal or greater value

Insurance companies can save money by declaring a vehicle non-salvageable. However, this decision is not just an economic one. Insurance companies know that cars damaged by severe damage may not last as long and be less reliable. After repairs, they may be unsafe to drive.

Your vehicle doesn't need to be surrendered to the insurance company

An insurance company will take ownership of a vehicle that they consider a total loss. The vehicle is then usually sold to a salvage yard, which will either scrap it, fix it or sell it off. Your insurance company will arrange for the shipping of your vehicle to the salvage yard. Your insurance company is not required to accept your car. You might want to fix it. You might know someone who would like to purchase it as a part. You can still get it back from your insurer for the same amount as a scrapyard would have paid.

From there, you will need to ship your car to where it can be scrapped or repaired.

Transporting salvage vehicles requires special equipment

Car shipping is usually nothing more than a car carrier with extra keys. It's as simple as driving on and driving away to load and unload your car. Shipping cars can be complicated when you have salvage cars. They are not driveable and sometimes won't roll so can't be easily pulled onto a trailer with a winch. For cars that are too heavy to be loaded onto a truck or rollback tow truck, a forklift is the best way to unload and load them.

Each situation with a damaged car is different. Some auto transport companies specialize in classic cars and others may be able to handle vehicles that are completely inoperable. However, most will charge an additional fee to use the required equipment. Because there are few flatbed shippers, it may take you longer to receive a ship date. You will need to provide any equipment that was required for pickup and delivery.

Why is salvage car shipping more expensive?

The cost of moving an inoperable vehicle depends on its location, pickup and delivery locations, size, type of carrier, and difficulty. You will pay $100 more for car shipping than if the vehicle is inoperable. However, you may pay more if your vehicle has suffered structural damage that makes it impossible to fit onto a standard flatbed.

Shipment of a salvage vehicle will cost more because truck drivers must be trained to operate the special equipment and safely handle dangerous fluids.

When you contact auto transport companies to get car shipping quotes, be honest about the state of your vehicle. You should disclose any damage to the trucker so that they can pick up your car on the pickup date. If that happens, you will have to keep your car until the shipper has the equipment to ship it. The worst scenario is that you may lose your deposit and be charged the full amount for shipping.

After an accident, prepare your car for shipping

To find an auto transport company to take care of your vehicle after an incident, is similar to looking for a shipper to transport a car. Before you book with one, get quotes from several auto transport companies. You want a trustworthy auto transport company with great reviews and affordable rates. It is more difficult to book your transport if your situation is not the same as a quote online.

Always call the representative of any auto transport company to discuss your vehicle's current condition and double-check that they offer salvage vehicle shipping. When you describe the problem with your vehicle, be as specific as possible. Is it able to break? Is it able to roll? Does it roll? Can you steer it? Are the fluids drained? Is there any gas left in the tank?

Some companies have the equipment to handle non-working, rolling, and non-braking vehicles. They can also contract with tow companies to unload and load totaled vehicles. Others won't transport inoperable vehicles because they don’t have the equipment or don't want to handle the complicated procedures required to transport them safely. Move Car can take care of any vehicle that has been damaged or is inoperable. We are able to drive, brake, and steer any vehicle.

You still have to prepare for your ship date when you receive it. Remove all personal belongings from your vehicle if you have not done so. If you are able to safely drain any fluids remaining in your vehicle, do it. Before you transport your vehicle, make sure everything is in order with your insurance company.

Do I have the ability to make any of these?

It can be difficult to load and unload a car that isn't able to roll, has no tires, or is too bent for easy movement. People might wonder why it is so difficult to get a few friends together and drag the vehicle onto a truck. It is quite obvious that dragging pieces of damaged vehicles around on a flatbed or other trailer can cause serious and expensive damage. Even more, people could be seriously injured. Car shipping with a non-working car can be expensive so you should trust professionals to do the loading and unloading.

Regardless of what decision you make regarding your vehicle after an accident, there are many auto transport companies that have the resources and experience to handle it. It doesn't really matter if your vehicle is being shipped to an impound lot for dismantling or having it delivered to a buyer interested in it. You can also bring it home until you decide what to do with it. It is your responsibility to find reliable auto transport companies. Once you have found one, they will take care of everything else.