Posted on 04/05/22

How To Ship Cars To Florida Without Losing Your Mind

How To Ship Cars To Florida Without Losing Your Mind

This one tip could save you your sanity if you are shipping a car to Florida in winter. "Snowbird Season" (mainly for customers) is the most frustrating time in Car Transport.

Our advice is simple, but I will explain it further below.

You should not place an order for your vehicle until the week prior to delivery.

Yes, that sounds insane.

I can see what is going on inside your head right now. "How could that be?" "Wouldn't I get a lower rate?" "I have a lot to plan and I want to take this off my plate!"

Please bear with me. I will get a little technical at first. But I'll explain why later.

This is why it's important to understand that Car Transport is an Open Market System.

This means that the current circumstances of any move will affect the cost of shipping a car. Although gas prices are always included, this is more due to the sheer volume of cars that must be shipped in a very short time frame on a limited number of Car Carriers.

It's basically back to Economics 101, the law of supply-demand. (Just half of you fell asleep.

It refers to the fact that more cars need to be shipped to Florida in the winter months than there is space on trucks to transport them. (i.e. (i.e., truck space demand is HIGH, truck space supply is LOW)

This creates a premium car carrier spot, and car carriers can start charging whatever "The Market” will pay for those spots on their truck.

So, what does this have to do with the fact that you had to wait a week to place your order?

There is no such thing as "being in line" for spots on these car carriers. It is not the same thing as booking a reservation on the carrier as you would for an airline. (In fact, we have to forget about comparing car transportation to airlines - where booking early can save you money - this doesn't apply when shipping a vehicle to Florida.) Guess who the truck driver running a profitable business in a difficult economy will view as the front line if they offer $X and $100 to ship their car there.


When you call us to discuss shipping your car to Florida (or from Florida in the spring), we will tell you that this is the current price and THAT is the cost last year. But, what we need to do is to look at the competition (i.e. You can find similar cars within 25 miles that will be going to the same destination as you and we can make sure that our prices are in line with them (or slightly lower).

Let me quickly summarize: There are many car shipping companies that will allow you to book in advance at a low rate and have you pay it in a few weeks. You may think that everything is fine and that you will not be charged more than $100. But when you get your move date and your car is still in waiting, and the company is only making excuses, I can guarantee that you will go BERSERK!

Keep your wits about yourself, be calm, and know that there is no such thing as a "free lunch" & that moving may not be as cheap as you had hoped. However, if you get your car priced correctly when it's time for you to move, you'll be in the driver's seat while other 'Snowbirds are still waiting for their cars.

You can use our Free quote calculator to get an idea of the cost.