Posted on 04/05/22

How to ship a car to another state

How to ship a car to another state

Don't be afraid to ship a car if you have never done so before.

It's not uncommon for people to be able to live their lives without ever having to sell their cars.

Yes, I said "fortunate".

If you ask 10 people about shipping cars, you will get a real 'earful.'

These are three quick tips to make your experience as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

Take your time, do your research

You don't want to rush into making a decision on car shipping companies. Take the time to read the reviews from the BBB about the companies that you are interested in.

You can also get word-of-mouth referrals from friends who have already moved cars. Be aware of the 'earful'

Online reviews are becoming increasingly popular. There is a great site that is specific to this industry ( where you can read the feedback from previous customers on just about any company. Full disclosure: We are the highest rated company over the past 18 months. So...of course we love it.

Please read the fine print

Do not believe every sales representative who calls you. Most sales reps in this industry are paid on commission (full disclosure: ours too) and will, shall we say...paint things in a slightly different light than...well...reality.

Each company will provide terms and conditions that govern your order. It is important to read them and understand them. Many of the terms and conditions you will find there might surprise you. You don't want to read them again after a problem has arisen.

Keep your expectations realistic

People will complain about the carrier being late for pick up/delivery/ dinner, etc.

Keep in mind that carriers' "offices" can be found on the road. And as many of us know, a two-hour trip can quickly become a four-hour trip (especially here in Los Angeles). Truckers deal with this every day.

Carriers will always give estimates, and the carriers we use are great at doing so. But if you take their estimates as more than they are or try to think of them as (*gasp*),' guarantees, then your chances of frustration are high.

You should keep in touch with your carrier (we provide their number every time) and inform your broker of any concerns or problems.

You can also use our free car shipping calculator to get an estimate without revealing any personal information. Enjoy!)