Posted on 10/28/21

How To Ship A Car If You Are In The Military

How To Ship A Car If You Are In The Military

It can be thrilling to receive OCONUS or PCS orders. Perhaps this is your first move. Perhaps you have experience with moving from one state to another or shipping military PCSs in the past. This is your first OCONUS (Outside of the Continental U.S.). While the process is similar, there are some additional considerations you will need to address. We will discuss the logistics of shipping a vehicle within the military.

Move Car makes military life easier

An OCONUS or PCS order may be issued to a family at any moment. However, it's a part of military life that is inevitable. The only way to make it less stressful, though, is to plan ahead. Your orders might throw you off-guard if this is your first family move. There are so much to consider and so many things to do.

Your transportation and relocation offices can help you make your move successful. There are also companies like Move Car who can take the stress out of your relocation.

Shipping military cars

You coordinate your move with Move Car and pay out of pocket when you ship a vehicle as part of a move from one state to another. Your local transportation office can help you ship a car to OCONUS. The good news? Military car shipping is covered by the government for OCONUS moves. The government will pay for one POV if your overseas location allows it. You will need to coordinate your plans to ship another car overseas with an auto transport company that understands military personnel's unique needs.

Sending a second vehicle abroad

There are two options if you and your family feel uncomfortable without a second vehicle. You can either ship your main POV or buy a beater vehicle in the destination country. However, depending on where you are stationed, it may be difficult to find a reliable hoopty. You can also pay out-of-pocket car shipping to get your second vehicle. Consider that shipping a second car overseas is an additional expense. You will need to pay more for registration, fuel, insurance and taxes. Many military families find that having two vehicles is more convenient than paying for additional costs. Therefore, shipping a second vehicle overseas is a necessity.

Shipping your car and PCS moves

If familiars are given PCS orders, they will be responsible for shipping their vehicles unless they are physically unable to drive or their orders don't allow them enough time to drive. When a service member retires, the military might also cover a domestic car shipment. People are tempted to drive to their next duty station in order to save money. After all, military PCS moves can be expensive. There are good reasons to ship your car rather than drive it. One family can already handle the task of moving. How do you plan a road trip while coordinating a move? It can seem overwhelming.

Move Car believes shipping a car from Move Car to your next duty station should not be difficult or expensive. Move Car offers discounts to active and retired military personnel, simplified pickup and delivery, door-to-door transport, and outstanding customer service. We want you to be able to relax and let us make your move as simple as possible for your family. How do we do this? We make the process as easy and transparent as possible. We make the process as simple and transparent as possible.

Here are the basics:

Shipping military cars are expensive

We understand that you want to budget for your military PCS move. Knowing how much it will cost you to ship your vehicle to another country is crucial. The cost of shipping a car from one state to another will differ, as with all auto transport. The cost of shipping your car to a PCS move will vary depending on the vehicle's size and modifications. For example, if your vehicle is larger than a standard car, the distance it will travel, the condition of the vehicle, seasonal factors such as route closures and fuel costs, the cost of shipping your car will be higher. An open carrier is the most common option, but you'll pay more for your car to be transported in an enclosed truck.

Your car insurance and your move

We ensure that all our carriers are fully insured. However, we also offer contingent cargo insurance to make sure your vehicle is protected no matter what.

Additional baggage

Additional baggage is not allowed when you ship a car overseas in an OCONUS move. You can bring one suitcase or box with personal belongings (under 100 lbs) to domestic military car shipping.

However, auto transport companies do not insure personal belongings that are transported with a vehicle, even for military personnel. Before you drop your car off at your shipper, we recommend that you get rid of all valuables, documents, and hard-to-replace belongings. Private insurance is required for any valuable items that will be traveling in your car as part of the move.

Transporting a car from one state to another

When will your vehicle arrive at its destination? This will depend on how far your truck or car is traveling. We will give you a rough estimate once you have received a quote. Military families should always choose door-to-door transport when shipping a vehicle. It is the fastest and most convenient way to ship a vehicle, and it is important to consider the timing for families who are moving.

We offer military customers guaranteed pick-up dates. This means that your vehicle will be picked up when it is most convenient for you. We can transport to all US ports. We offer expedited shipping options if your vehicle is urgently needed.

It's important to update all documentation and your auto insurance as soon as your vehicle arrives. Many states have strict deadlines for this. New York's example is that drivers have 30 days to obtain an out-of-state license (in person at the Department of Motor Vehicles) once they move to the state. They also need to update their insurance to meet New York requirements. Before you can apply to have your vehicle registered in your new state and get a title, you may need an emission inspection.

OCONUS can ship your car and move it

The government coordinates all aspects of shipping when you ship one POV overseas in your OCONUS move. You will need to clean your vehicle and gather all necessary paperwork.

To ship a second POV internationally, you need to partner with an international shipping company. Move Car can help you take the strain off your shoulders. We want to make it easy and simple to ship a car overseas if you are moving out of the OCONUS. We believe international car shipping is as easy as military PCS shipping. Here are the facts:

Deciding whether or not to ship a second POV

When faced with the possibility of OCONUS moves, some people assume it will be easier for them to purchase a car once they get there. This may be true depending on where you are going. There may be a hoopty exchange on bases where soldiers can trade their old beater cars for new arrivals. You may find a hoopty lot at the base where you can view these cars for sale. This is a great spot to buy a second vehicle after you have shipped your POV.

However, it's not always a smart idea to buy a car while you're abroad. If you don't own the car, shipping it can save you time and possibly also make things easier in the end. This is because you don't need to sell your car, store it, and then go through the process of buying and selling another car. If there is a lien on your car title, you can still ship it overseas as long as the lien holder has given written authorization.

Shipping international cars

It is possible to wonder how much international car shipping will cost. Shipping a car overseas costs will vary depending on its make, model, dimensions, location, destination country, customs clearance, port fees, and the method of shipping. Get a quote to find out how much shipping your second car will cost.

It is generally cheaper to ship a small car, such as a sedan, from New York to a coastal European port on a RORO vessel (where cars are driven into the boat and secured), than to ship an SUV in a single-use or shared container from a landlocked nation to a country. Because larger vehicles are more expensive to ship, they must be shipped from the port to their final destination.

Documentation required to ship a car abroad

Customers are told that they will need the same requirements to ship a car overseas as when moving a car via PCS. You'll need:

Keys You will need to leave keys behind with your vehicle. It's a good idea to have one made f you don't have a spare set of keys.

Title and registration: These must be original documents. Not photocopies.

You must show a photo ID

Creditor statement A notarized statement proving that the creditor or lessor of your vehicle financed or leased must be presented.

Declaration of Dangerous Goods This form is required by many European countries and lists any potentially dangerous goods (like the battery).

Consignee form: The form provided by your shipper will ask you for your name, address, and phone number, information about your vehicle, its value, and information about who will pick it up at its destination.

Shipper Export Statement: The U.S. Census Bureau requires that this declaration be made when items are more than $2,500 in value or require a license to operate or own them.

Bill for sale: To ship a car purchased from overseas back to the States, you will need to provide proof of ownership

Remember that each port has its own requirements. You may need additional documentation, or you may not require all of the above documents. Ask your shipper to tell you what port and customs are required for processing your shipment. Double-check with your local relocation office if there are any additional requirements.

When can you expect to receive the vehicle?

It is not always easy to ship a car overseas. It depends on where the car is located, as well as its destination. The sailing time, or the time spent on a boat, can vary from the east coast to European ports. It may take up to two weeks. Your car may take more than 20 days to transit from the west coast to Australia and Japan. Your ship time includes the time to travel to the port, load and unload your car, and get to your pickup point if you aren't picking it up at the port.

You should allow yourself enough time to coordinate international shipping so that you get your vehicle when it is needed. It is best to gather all documentation before you ship. This will make it easier to streamline the entire process. We offer a variety of international shipping options for military customers, including door-to-door and expedited international car shipping options.

Driving your car in a new country

There are taxes, fees, and regulations involved in shipping a POV abroad. You may also need to limit the type of vehicles and trucks you can bring into your destination country. Some countries won't allow vehicles older than a certain age. Some countries impose tariffs and duties based on engine size rather than vehicle value. Some countries require that service members obtain import approval before shipping. If they don't, the vehicle won't be allowed into their country. Other countries have extremely strict emission standards.

To obtain the right auto insurance, you will need to comply with all applicable local licensing and registration laws. Insurance rates for vehicles imported from the U.S. may be high so make sure you have a budget that accounts for this fact. The laws regarding legal car ownership will differ from one country to the next. Make sure you know what you need and when. Sometimes, the timeframe to register your vehicle after it is shipped to your new duty location will be very short. If this happens, you could face severe penalties.

Double-check your destination country's restrictions

Importing vehicles is governed by different laws in every country. There may be additional requirements for vehicle imports in your destination country.

The transportation office, relocation center, or vehicle processing center should be able to help you navigate the laws and policies governing vehicle ownership, registration, operation, and maintenance at your destination. It will make it easier to ship your car overseas if you are familiar with the laws and regulations of the country where your vehicle is located.

Move Car is the best choice for OCONUS and PCS car shipping

We understand that you and your family could be issued an OCONUS or PCS order at any moment and that military moves can be stressful. We can help you and your family transition to your new home by taking care of your family vehicles. We offer the following to military customers:

OCONUS experience - We know the extra requirements our military customers must follow and how important it is for all your belongings to make it to their new duty station.

Book now without any charges Once we have scheduled your shipment, your credit card will not be charged. This makes budgeting for military moves easier.

We have the highest standards -- Only the best truckers and cargo captains are allowed to work for us -- they all understand the military's needs.

Great customer service Our customer care team is available 24/7 for extended hours and can provide status updates whenever you need them

391K+ cars delivery -- We are the industry leader in finding the best transport solution for every customer. Our BBB rating is A+ and My Moving Reviews gives us a 5-star customer satisfaction rating

We offer a military discount - As a token of appreciation for your service, we offer vehicle shipping discounts to military dependents, veterans, active duty, and veterans. It is the least we can do to honor the valiant men and women who defend our country.

Are you ready for booking?

Before you ship your car, and when you prepare it for the journey, there are many things to consider. It can take longer than expected to reach your next duty station or your new home abroad. Preparation is essential. For a no-obligation, free quote, and to find out more about our services for making military moves easier and less stressful, call us. You'll be less stressed if you know what to expect, and you have more time to prepare for the adventure ahead.

Are you interested in learning more about military car shipping? Get a shipping quote today and read what customers have to say about Move Car Auto Transport.