Posted on 01/04/22

How To Send A Car To An Interstate Buyer Efficiently

How To Send A Car To An Interstate Buyer Efficiently

Learn how to ship cars. You don't have to do any heavy lifting. It won't be difficult, tedious, or time-consuming. It's the 21 st century and there are many great options to move cars across state lines. This guide is for those who have buyers in other states and need to ship their car in the fastest time. Our car shipping specialists at Move Car Auto Transport will show you how to efficiently ship your car to any interstate buyer. Get moving and ship your vehicle today with our trusted team!

Step 1 - Know Your Shipping Needs

Most likely, you have heard of door-to-door service. What about door-to–terminal and terminal-to-terminal services? These terms apply to car shipping. Understanding them will allow you to understand how your car will be shipped.

Terminal-to-terminal service allows you to bring your car to a specific place, where it will be grouped together and loaded with other cars. This is called the "terminal". Terminals are usually large parking lots where cars can park and trucks can move. Your car will be picked up at a different terminal once it reaches its destination. The service will cost less if you include more "terminals" than "doors" in your delivery. New car buyers might find it difficult to pick up their cars from a terminal, as they may not have the means to travel to their cars.

Terminals are a good option if you want to be clear with the person who is buying your car about what type of delivery you will receive. If you don't mind waiting several weeks or more to get there, we do not recommend terminals. Very few people live near terminals on both ends of a shipment. Dear reader, most people regret using a terminal and will never use it again. Although it is inexpensive, you do get what you pay.

You are selling a high-end car that shouldn't be traveling hundreds of miles on open roads aboard an uncovered truck. You will want an enclosed shipping vehicle if you are. This shipping method should only be used if absolutely necessary. The majority of vehicles that are shipped across the country are shipped on open trailers (roughly 97%). This means that you will pay a lot more if you choose to ship enclosed. You'll be paying between 40 and 50 percent more. Enclosed trailers are able to hold fewer cars, but they have the same operating cost as larger Open trailers. The Enclosed transporter will therefore charge more. Because their vehicle is shielded from the elements, the customer gets value for their extra money.

Step 2 - Know Your Arrival Deadline

Car shipping door-to-door is the most efficient and fastest way to transport vehicles. Move Car Auto Transport will only do it this way. It is possible to get your buyer's car fast, but this will require communication with the car shipping company. Most auto transport companies can give you a range of dates for your car's arrival. Shipping cars is not an exact science, so dates are given in ranges and not precise days.

Cars are often shipped in groups, all heading in the same direction for logistical reasons. They're all not going to the exact same place. It may not reach its destination in the same time zone depending on where it is located in the drop-off sequence. You might have to drop off other cars before your driver arrives. Weather, accidents, and other unforeseeable factors can affect timing. This is why many car shipping companies offer ranges for car drop-offs. Make sure you and your buyer agree on the dates you have quoted before you make a booking.

There are a few options available depending on your schedule for picking up your car. Our Expedited and Rush services are best for those with tighter schedules. However, even these options cannot be guaranteed. To take the stress out of things, always have a backup plan. Flexible schedules can book the Standard Transport Rate, but we recommend going Expedited at $75 more.

Step 3 - Do Some Market Research

Your car is probably the most expensive item you own if you are like most working adults. It should be shipped carefully, just like other expensive items. You need to make sure you choose the right car shipping service to ensure safe shipping. You must do your research before you make a decision. Before you decide on a car shipping business, research the shipping market in your region and the area where you will be shipping to. Some regions have huge shipping hubs that offer tons of options and large markets. Some destinations, such as those off the beaten track, have less truck traffic so they will likely offer fewer car shipping options. You can get an idea of the available options in your area by doing some market research. This will help you decide the price. It's often not the distance that determines price but competition and ease of use for car shipping companies. Get quotes and assess the market before you make your decision. You can trust that we are experts in pricing.

Step 4 - Choose a Reputable Auto Transportation Company

The most important decision in the car-shipping process involves choosing the right auto transport company. You want to work with a company that will not only keep your vehicle safe but also ensure that it arrives on time. This is all without spending a lot of money. The best car shipping companies understand how to ship cars efficiently and effectively. Reviews will reflect the company's reputation, their expertise will show in their pricing, and their honesty will be evident. A well-designed and user-friendly website can be a sign of a trustworthy company. However, you should not rely on their words about the quality of their service. To see the opinions of past customers about car shipping companies that you are researching, visit Trustpilot. Finally, make sure to verify that the quotes you receive are accurate and free. This will let you know the price. Move Car Auto Transport is widely regarded as the best in the industry.

Step 5 - Make sure your vehicle is insured

Even the most reputable companies can sometimes have accidents when shipping a car. To protect your vehicle from costly damages, it is important to have insurance. Although most auto insurance policies do not offer coverage for shipping costs, there are some companies that offer insurance to protect you. If your company does not offer transportation insurance, you can purchase shipping insurance through your primary insurer. It doesn't matter what option you choose, make sure your vehicle is insured well before it moves. Move Car Auto Transport guarantees your vehicle will be covered up to $150,000

Step 6 - Leave the tank at a quarter, wash your car, and perform a final inspection

It will be transported on a trailer if you are shipping your car from one state to another. There's no need to fill up your car with gas. Car shipping companies would prefer that your car had a smaller tank. Gas is heavy, which can cause problems at the mandatory weigh scales and lower fuel efficiency. To prepare your vehicle for shipping, keep your gas tank about a quarter full. You don't want to empty the tank more than that. Your new buyer will need some gas to get started when they pick up the car.

Give your car a good wash before you say goodbye. You might think, "This car is going to travel hundreds of miles on an open trailer!" It's not necessary to wash it if it gets dirty on its way to its new home. Here's an even better point. The reason you are washing your car is to make sure you take note of any imperfections and not because you want it clean for the long haul. It's not a good idea to note a scratch that can be easily cleaned up with soap, water, and elbow grease. You don't want your car to be covered in dirt and grime, so you can't miss any preexisting dent. After you've washed the car thoroughly, take photos of any irregularities and send them to the shipping company or the new owner. All parties involved will be able to see what damage was done to the car prior to the cross-country transport.

7th Step: Ship with the Best -- Ship With Move Car Auto Transport

Although not required, Step 7 of our guide will help make shipping your car as easy, affordable, and efficient. It could be called the most important step. Move Car Auto Transport's trusted team will ship your car. We are staffed by industry professionals and have a great 94% 5-star rating at Trustpilot. We are committed to simplifying car shipping and created the free online shipping quote calculator in 2010. This calculator has been refined and is still used today by North American drivers to get accurate and transparent car shipping quotes. You don't need to enter any personal information. Simply fill out the six fields, and you will receive your quote within seconds.

Move Car Auto Transport's team knows how to ship cars. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has awarded us an A+ rating. We are available to answer any questions about our service and car shipping in general. Call us to speak directly with a member of our team and have your car shipped across state lines by our experts at Move Car Auto Transport.