Posted on 12/29/21

How To Protect Your Car From Covid 19

How To Protect Your Car From Covid 19

Even if you are diligent about self-distribution and sheltering in place during the COVID-19 pandemic you still need to get out of your house every once in a while. Your vehicle is your greatest asset. You can do more with a car than you would without risk, and still get home safely. You're also more secure when you're in your car than you are outside. Having a vehicle in your hands makes life easier and more secure during these difficult times. This car safety advice will help you protect your vehicle and yourself from COVID-19.

  • High-Touch Areas: The most susceptible areas to contract the virus are those you touch. You should focus your attention on high-touch areas such as the steering wheel, seat belt buttons, and HVAC controls. You'll need to tackle the interior in its entirety, but you should also pay attention to areas you and your passengers frequently touch.
  •  You should be prepared for the unexpected: When you think about everything you touch on a typical drive, it will take you a lot longer to complete the list.
  • Make Your Own Solution - The CDC recommends cleaning surfaces with solutions made of soap or alcohol. You should not use alcohol to clean leather upholstery. Use a bucket of soapy water to clean the vehicle. You don't want moisture seeping into the cushions below the upholstery so make sure not to fill it too full. You should also be cautious with electronics. The steering wheel is the dirtiest part of the car.
  • Take your time - To get your hands completely clean, you need to wash them for 20 seconds. The same goes for the surfaces in your car. You shouldn't wipe everything down just once. Make sure to clean each surface thoroughly and allow the solution to sit for a while before wiping it off. This process is not easy and can be tedious. However, the more you focus on safety in your car, the less risk you take.
  • Stock up on Supplies Your car is the ideal place to store cleaning supplies and protective equipment when you're out. You will need to have some space for hand sanitizers, gloves, masks, and disinfecting wipes. These can be used to clean your hands or give your steering wheel a good wipe-down after a long day.
  • Ride Strategically -- Even large vehicles won't allow you to put six feet between the driver or passenger. You are safer traveling solo. If you have to take passengers along, place them in the back of the car. Importantly, make sure that the windows are at least 3 inches wide so that the air circulates through the cabin and does not allow
  • traces of the virus inside.
  • Travel Safe You might end up in someone else's vehicle, such as a friend, relative, or ride-share driver. Wearing a mask and gloves, as well as avoiding any unnecessary contact, is a good way to be safe if you have to ride with someone else. It's not an insult to the driver. It's the responsible way you can keep everyone safe.
  • Driving with a Mask? You might have noticed other drivers wearing masks while driving, and wondered if it was safe. Technically, you don't have to wear a mask in public if it doesn't apply to your vehicle. If you feel that the mask is affecting your driving, it's best to wait until you get there before you put one on. A mask will reduce the risk of COVID-19 being transmitted to surfaces in your vehicle. You have the option to choose.

Transport by auto - A vital resource during a pandemic

Vehicle shipments continue to be carried out across the country, even though the Department of Homeland Security considers the essential transport industry. Contrary to what you might think, now is a good time to look into car shipping. You don't want the hassle of driving a car long distances. Car shipping reduces the number of drivers on the roads, which is a benefit for everyone. It is a smart decision to ship your vehicle now. The process is likely easier and cheaper than you think. Get a free estimate from this online car shipping calculator to find out the cost. Our blog provides more information on the shipping process. You can also contact Move Car Auto Transport with any questions.