Posted on 11/25/22

How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Great Shipping Experience

How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Great Shipping Experience

It can be stressful and time-consuming to move from one place in your home to another. You will need to move all your personal items, as well as your cars if they are too far away. There are many car shipping companies that can help you with this. These tips can help you have a great experience shipping your car.

Learn the Agreement

The shipping agreement is the most important thing to know when you ship your car. It can be complicated to create a shipping agreement for your vehicle. It is important to fully understand your rights, costs, and when your vehicle will be returned. This will ensure you are well informed about the process so you know exactly what to do.

Take Pictures

You should clean your vehicle thoroughly before you place it in a shipping container. You will be able to identify any scratches, dents, and other imperfections within your vehicle if you take it apart. Take photos of your vehicle to identify any problems. This will help you identify if there was any damage to your vehicle during shipping.

Personal Items

Personal items that are in your vehicle should be removed before your vehicle is shipped. You should take any personal items with you, such as loose change or important documents. This will ensure that nothing is lost in shipping.

Disable Alarm

Your car could be damaged by being tilted or stored improperly during shipping. You should turn off the alarm to prevent it from going off accidentally. If you don't know how to turn it off, the shipping company should be able to help.

Get It Checked

Before shipping your car, you should inspect it. Check your car for leaks, oil, pressure, and proper tire pressure. Before shipping, you should fix any minor problems with your vehicle.


You should ensure that your insurance covers you before you buy any shipping policy. Your vehicle may not be covered commercially depending on what type of insurance you have. You should get additional auto insurance from your shipping company if this is the case. You will have a range of protection options.