Posted on 01/04/23

How To Prepare Your vehicle For Car Transport

How To Prepare Your vehicle For Car Transport

Are you planning on transporting your vehicle to a new location? Whether you are moving to a new city or simply want to get your car to a new location, it's important to properly prepare your vehicle for car transport. Not only will this ensure that your car arrives at its destination in good condition, but it will also help you save money on transport costs.

Here are some tips on how to prepare your vehicle for car transport:

Clean Your Vehicle:

Before transporting your vehicle, it's important to give it a thorough cleaning. This includes washing the exterior, cleaning the interior, and removing any personal belongings or valuable items. A clean car is easier to inspect for damages and it will also be more attractive to potential buyers if you are selling your vehicle.

Remove Any Non-Factory Items:

Any non-factory items, such as aftermarket stereo systems or custom rims, should be removed before transporting your vehicle. These items can easily be damaged during transport and they may also increase the overall weight of your vehicle, which could affect transport costs.

Check Your Fluids:

Make sure to check all of your vehicle's fluid levels, including oil, coolant, and transmission fluid. If any of these fluids are low, top them off before transport. It's also a good idea to get an oil change if your car is due for one.

Check Your Tires:

Before transporting your vehicle, it's important to make sure your tires are properly inflated and in good condition. Flat or worn-out tires can easily be damaged during transport and can also increase the risk of accidents.

Disconnect Your Battery:

To prevent any electrical issues during transport, it's a good idea to disconnect your car's battery. This is especially important if you are transporting your vehicle over a long distance.

Car transport customers are often concerned about how to prepare their car for shipping. There is no reason to be concerned. The customer is not required to do much. Your driver is the one who does all of the work. Only you need to be available for pick-up with your empty vehicle, and a key.

To ship your car, you don't have to provide any paperwork or prepare any documents. We recommend that you take all insurance documents and personal papers from your vehicle prior to shipment. You don't have to show proof of vehicle insurance to your driver. You only need the Bill of Lading to ship a car. Your driver will bring it with him for you to sign - at both pick-up and delivery.

We recommend that you take any valuable items from your vehicle. Although it is convenient to pack your car with personal belongings, the price of your car transport quote includes the shipping of your vehicle. Additional items can often be charged additional fees, if at all. Sometimes your carrier doesn't have the space or willingness to accept additional items. It is best to assume that the transport will be for your vehicle.

It doesn't matter if you fill up or empty your tank. As your car will be driving on the carrier, it will need to have a little gas. A quarter of a tank should suffice. If you have more fuel than that, it is okay to empty it before the carrier arrives. The extra gas might evaporate during transport but won't cause any harm.

It's simple to prepare your car for cross-country transport. It's simple! You can call us at if you have questions about how to prepare your vehicle, or if you need additional information about car transportation.


By following these tips, you can help ensure that your vehicle is properly prepared for transport. By taking the time to prepare your car, you can help protect it from damages and save money on transport costs.