Posted on 05/20/22

How To Prepare Your Teenager And You For Their First Car

How To Prepare Your Teenager And You For Their First Car

You may feel many emotions when your teenager gets their first car. While your teenager may be excited about the prospect, parents are likely nervous about letting their teen drive in their car. These tips will help you and your teen prepare for their first car.

Car Insurance

Proper insurance is the first step to getting your teen driving their first car. Insurance for teens can be very expensive. Many companies offer discounts for students who have good grades and take a course in road safety. You should ensure that your teenager is fully informed about the coverage of their car insurance.

Set the rules of the road

It's essential to communicate your expectations with your teenager before you let them drive. Make sure you and your teenager are familiar with the regulations in your state regarding teen driving. There are curfews in some states that limit the number of people who can drive in a car with drivers under 18. Talking to your teenager about texting while driving, and other distractions can be very dangerous. Even if your teenager isn't suspected of using these substances, it's important to warn them about the dangers of driving while impaired. A DUI can be issued for using substances such as cold medicine or marijuana. The consequences can be severe, especially if there is a car accident.

Basic Safety Knowledge

All drivers need to know how to perform basic repairs. Your teen should be able to read the fuel gauge and know how to refill it on their own. For new drivers, it is important to know how to check their oil levels and change a tire. Your teen should learn how to use jumper cables, and make sure they always have one in their car.

Broken Rules: The Consequences

While you want your child to be the best, it is important to communicate with them what the consequences are if they do not follow the driving rules. Instead of assuming your teenager is able to manage their independence, communicate what you expect. Tell them what will happen if they violate the rules.

As your teen prepares to go to college, this is a crucial time in their lives. You can help reduce anxiety and fears by helping your teenager to be more independent. Make sure they are familiar with basic road safety and insure their vehicle properly. Also, make sure they are aware of the consequences for breaking rules.