Posted on 07/01/22

How To Prepare Your Car For Shipping

How To Prepare Your Car For Shipping

Your car may be ready for shipping, but are you sure your vehicle is ready for the journey ahead? After you confirm your shipment with an auto transport company you will need to make sure your vehicle is clean and ready for the journey.

How to wash your car and get rid of valuables in order to prepare your car for transport

For various reasons, it is important that your car be ready for shipment on the scheduled pickup day.

  • Easier for inspection. Before the driver can take off, they must inspect the vehicle for any damage, scratches, or dents. Clean cars will enable the driver to identify marks quickly and easily.
  • Protects interior from damage Unsecured personal items in the car may shift or move during transit, causing unanticipated damage to its interior.

How to prepare your vehicle for shipping

These steps will ensure that your vehicle is in top shape before you transport it.

  1. Make sure to clean the car's exterior. This will help you identify any scratches, dents, or other imperfections.
  2. Perform a thorough inspection of your car's exterior when the carrier picks it up. Note any damage or marks that may be present. You can then spot any damage that was caused during shipping.
  3. Take out any valuables that you keep in your car. Most auto transport companies won't inspect the interior of your vehicle and they are not liable for any damage or loss that may occur inside.
  4. Make sure your car is in top working order
  5. Fluids shouldn't leak. If your car is experiencing mechanical or leakage issues, you should take it in for repairs. If it is not, make sure that the car transporter is aware of any problems. Your car will only be driven during transport, but it must be in a safe driving condition. Mechanical problems can cause delays and lead to expensive vehicle damage.
  6. Run your fuel tank down to a quarter full. A fully charged battery is essential for electric vehicles.

After the car has been delivered to its destination you will inspect it again with the driver. Before signing the inspection report, make sure to inspect the exterior. This will allow the driver to release the car.

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