Posted on 08/29/22

How To Prepare Your Car For A Shipping Company To Pick It Up

How To Prepare Your Car For A Shipping Company To Pick It Up

Car shipping companies are able to safely and efficiently transport your vehicle to any place, whether you're moving to a new area or purchasing a vehicle online. Car shipping is a great way to transport your vehicle long distances without adding mileage or wear. Your car can be picked up from your house and delivered right to your destination. Here are some things you can do to make sure your car is ready for shipping.

1. Gather Your Vehicle's Documents

The auto transporter will require proof of ownership before you can hand over your car. You should prepare all paperwork ahead of time to avoid any delays or last-minute searches for vital documents.

Information about vehicle registration

-Proof that you have insurance

-Bill of Sale or any other evidence of ownership

-Original vehicle Title

Driver's license

2. Wash Your Car

Although it may seem counterintuitive, washing your car before shipping is a crucial step. Because dirt, mud, and dust can make it hard to see scratches and dents, so you'll want to note any flaws before shipping. This will allow you to spot any potential damage during shipping.

3. Take pictures of your car

You should not only note any damage to your records but also take time-stamped photos of the entire exterior of your vehicle. You should also look out for pre-existing dents or scratches. If you find any new damage after the delivery of your vehicle, these images can be used.

4. Take care of general maintenance

Before you transport your vehicle, make sure to check for any general maintenance issues, such as oil changes, tire rotations, and fluid levels. Also, make sure your battery is fully charged. Check the pressure of the tires to ensure they aren't too or too low.

5. Reduce Fuel Consumption

Before you transport your vehicle, make sure that you only have 1/4 tank of fuel. Additional fuel can cause your vehicle to be heavier and pose a safety risk. Shipping costs can increase if you add weight to your vehicle. Make sure to leave more fuel in your tank before shipping it.

6. Take Personal Items

Clear out your vehicle's interior, including the trunk, and get rid of any personal items. You can remove any personal items, such as spare change, phone chargers, jewelry, and GPS systems. It's important to remove all items from your vehicle.

7. Take off custom accessories

Due to their unusual size, accessories such as custom spoilers, wheels, additional lights, luggage racks, and bike racks could be damaged during transport. These custom parts should be removed before you load your truck.

8. Lock Your Car

After your car is loaded onto the trailer, you can lock it. This provides extra protection against theft.

9. Sign the Bill of Lading

After your vehicle is ready for use, you can now take care of all legal documentation. To complete the vehicle inspection and to sign the Bill of Lading, you or another responsible adult must present yourself at pick-up. This acts as a receipt and a legal contract between the vehicle transport company and you.