Posted on 08/19/22

How To Prepare A Car To Be Shipped

How To Prepare A Car To Be Shipped

Now that you have done your research, you've found a reliable shipping company to transport your car. It's now time to prepare your vehicle for transport. Shipping a car is more than simply dropping it off or picking it up. You need to prepare your vehicle for shipping. These steps will help you prepare your vehicle for shipment.

Wash the exterior

Although it may seem counterintuitive given the fact that your car is likely to get dirty while being transported, this is an important step in the preparation and care of your vehicle. It is important to keep your vehicle's exterior spotless so that you can see any scratches, dents, or dings. These marks can be hidden by dirt and dust, so it is essential that you keep your vehicle clean for visual inspection.

Do a visual inspection

Once your vehicle is clean, you can examine it for damage. Take a look at your car and note any dents, scratches, dings or paint marks. To prove the vehicle's condition before shipping, you should take photos. Although it is unlikely that your vehicle would be damaged in transit, you'll still need to keep a record of its condition to note any damage.

Make sure you take care of any maintenance that is necessary

You should perform a few basic maintenance tasks before you ship your car. These are:

  • Check the fluids inside your vehicle (brake, coolant, oil, power steering fluid, washer).
  • Make sure the battery is fully charged.
  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated
  • Fill the gas tank only to 1/4 of its capacity

Take off exterior accessories

Before shipping, you will need to take out any exterior accessories. All removable parts, such as luggage racks and ski racks, bike racks, luggage racks, or retractable antennas, must be removed prior to shipment. These accessories are more vulnerable to damage, so make sure you remove them before shipping.

Take Personal Items

It is not recommended that you pack items in your vehicle for shipping. This not only adds weight to your vehicle, which can lead to higher shipping fees but also increases the risk of theft. Many auto transport companies do not allow customers to ship personal items inside their vehicles. Take out all personal items, including water bottles, charging cables, GPS devices, and sunglasses. Also, take away any personal paperwork or coins.