Posted on 07/15/22

How To Pick An Auto Transport Company

How To Pick An Auto Transport Company

The sheer number of choices available to you when you start your search for auto shipping companies can seem overwhelming. How can you choose the right company for your needs? Which company offers the best service? This guide will help to choose the best auto transport company for your vehicle to arrive safely at its destination.

Talk to people who know

Are you a neighbor or relative who recently sold their car? Are you a member of an automobile forum? These are the people to whom you should turn when doing your initial research. To find others with car shipping experience, do a quick Google search for "car shipping experiences".

View reviews online

Review websites are another great way to locate a reliable car shipping company. You can find Move Car Auto Transport reviews at a number of websites such as Transport Reviews and the Better Business Bureau. There are also My Moving Reviews where you can see thousands of customer reviews. These reviews must be verified so that you can feel confident that they are genuine reviews from real customers.

Get your quotes

Once you have found a reliable company to transport your vehicle, you can call them or fill out their online form to get a quote. When you begin receiving quotes from these companies, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • The quote you receive is not final. You will be given an estimate of the cost to ship your vehicle. The exact cost of shipping your car will only be known after you have placed your order and found a trucker to transport it.
  • Do not choose the lowest bidder. To get a rough estimate, you should request multiple quotes from different companies. You shouldn't choose the lowest price because prices can fluctuate. In order to win your business, some companies will offer you a low price and then later you get a much higher price.

You can email any company you have questions about the service. It is important to ask about their plans for contingencies in case of an emergency, such as weather or accidents. You can keep track of each company so you can later compare them.

Finally, look into the various add-ons and services offered by each company, such as guaranteed delivery dates. You can contact them by phone or, in certain cases, via their website. This is a strong trust signal. Move Car allows you to chat live online and get an answer to your questions immediately. It is important to get to know your company and how well they are prepared for any situation.

Make a decision

You've probably received multiple quotes at this point. You'll have a lot of information to consider, including reviews and feedback from family members and friends. Then, you can choose an auto transport company. Before you make a booking, here are some questions:

  • Are you satisfied with the company's customer support? Are they able to answer all my questions?
  • Am I satisfied with the price range quoted?
  • Is the company trustworthy?
  • Do you offer expedited shipping and door-to-door transportation?

Call the company and ask for an agent to book your order. When you call, be sure to have all the relevant information about your vehicle.

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