Posted on 10/11/22

How To Move A Car Across Country

How To Move A Car Across Country

Although it may sound complicated, shipping your car across the country is actually quite simple. Car shipping has never been easier thanks to auto transport companies. A car shipping company can help you transport your car, whether you're buying a car in another state or moving across the country. For more information on how to ship your car across country, read this article.

Research Shipment Companies

 Spend some time looking into auto shipping companies as not all companies are the same. Before you make a decision, be sure to ask lots of questions, verify licensing requirements, review customer reviews, and research insurance options. A reputable company should register with both the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Better Business Bureau.

Request a quote

The exact cost of shipping will depend on many factors, including the vehicle's size and weight, distance, pick-up location, and the type of carrier chosen. The shipping company should be able provide you with an accurate quote if you give them all the information.

Select Open or Enclosed Carrier
Many shipping companies offer the choice between an enclosed or open-air carrier. Although they are more affordable and most commonly used for vehicles of a standard size, open-air carriers will still be exposed to the elements. For antique or luxury vehicles, enclosed carriers can be a great choice.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

Ask your insurance company for details about the coverage that you have. Also, ask the shipping company about liability insurance. Most companies with a good reputation will offer some type of coverage policy.

Set a date and location for shipment

After you have chosen your shipping company and reviewed the details, select a date for shipment and a pickup location. You can now schedule door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal delivery.

Prepare your car for transport

There are several things that you need to do before your car is shipped.

  • Clean your vehicle from the inside out
  • Take photos of the exterior to prove its condition.
  • Keep your gas tank at 1/4 of its capacity
  • Remove all personal items from your vehicle
  • Disable alarm system.

Drop off Your Vehicle

You can either drop off your vehicle in the designated area, or you can have it picked up at your home.

Vehicle Inspection upon Arrival

Make sure to inspect your vehicle before you pick it up. If your vehicle sustains damage, please report it immediately to the Bill of Lading.