Posted on 03/16/22

How To Jump Start Your Vehicle Correctly

How To Jump Start Your Vehicle Correctly

It doesn't matter if you are stuck on the sidelines with a dead battery or if your car has been stored too long. Or if you have to jump someone else's car, it is important to learn how to jump-start a vehicle correctly. Move Car has a step-by-step guide.

1. Place the Cars as Close to Each Other As Possible

Park the cars so the cables can reach the batteries from one to the other. But not too close that they touch each other.

It can be difficult to work with if one or both cars are not working. We recommend that you carry at least 20-25 feet of cables. This will allow you to maneuver around the cars if they are in a bad spot. These situations will make standard 10 and 15-foot cables more difficult to use.

2. Turn both cars off and attach the cables properly

After the cars have been removed, you will need to secure the cables. The process is identical for all standard cars.

  1. Attach one end of the positive cable to a positive terminal for the dead battery
  2. Connect the other end to the positive cable and the working battery's positive terminal.
  3. Connect the negative cable and the terminal to the working battery.
  4. Connect the other end to the negative cable and a "ground". This refers to any metal surface, not near the battery such as an engine block or bodywork.

During the last step, be careful not to touch the cables together as this could cause sparks. These sparks are not dangerous by themselves but could ignite other flammable fumes or vapors.

3. Get a Work Car

After the cables have been connected, turn the engine on and send electricity from the dead battery to the working car. Although the driver of the car may "revamp" the engine to speed up the transfer of power to the dead battery, this is not necessary. Even if the car is idling, there will be plenty of power to reach the dead battery.

4. After a few minutes, check the car with the dead battery.

After the vehicle has been left to run for a while, you can try to turn it on with the dead battery. The car should start if the battery is still functional. If it is not, make sure to check the connections.

5. Allow the Problem Car to Run for 15-20 minutes after it Starts

After the car has been running for 15-20 minutes, turn it off. This will ensure that the battery is fully charged and that the car can still be started several times if needed.

6. Reverse Order: Remove the Cables

The cables will be removed from both batteries in reverse order to how they were originally taken off.

  1. Remove the negative cable (from the ground)
  2. Remove the Negativecable (from the Negativeterminal) from the working battery
  3. Remove the positive cable and the positive terminal from the working battery
  4. Remove the positive cable at the positive terminal to the problem car

Still Won't Work? Take a tow truck to a service station

If your car won't start even after several jump attempts, it is most likely that there is an electrical component such as the alternator, or a mechanical part like the starter. Jump-starting will not work.

To resolve the problem, contact your local service station for a tow.

These steps will help you safely jump any car!

You can help other drivers stuck with dead batteries by knowing how to jump-start a vehicle correctly. This blog by Move Car will help you to understand what to do.

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