Posted on 02/16/22

How To Have Your Car Shipped To Or From College

How To Have Your Car Shipped To Or From College

You can save time and hassle by having your child ship their car to campus. This can save you a lot of time, money, and energy. You will also be able to spend more time one-on-one with your child before they go off to school.

Shipping versus driving

Parents don't want their kids driving long distances to and from college on their own. There are many things that can go wrong. Even if your child is competent at driving, how about other drivers? Parents want to spend the last hours with their children before they drive them home or talk to them about their college plans. You can solve both of these problems by shipping your car to college rather than driving it.

You might also consider the fact that driving can reduce your drive time by as much as a day. Don't forget about the dangers of driving. Driving to college is a long and difficult journey on interstate highways. These roads pose the greatest danger of an accident. The safety and well-being of your child is the most important thing.

Benefits of shipping your car to college

It's obvious that your child will be able to travel less and avoid driving hundreds of miles on their own, but it's also important to know all the benefits of having your car shipped to college. Let's suppose they drive their car to college and get into an accident. However, they don't sustain any injuries. That's fine, as long they are okay. The problem is that you could end up paying for damage to your vehicle and the other vehicle involved in an accident. Your insurance premiums could skyrocket if this is the case. This is because your child, a young driver, caused the accident.

Shipping your child's car will save you gas, tolls, and other expenses. With shipping costs as low as they are, shipping is almost free. You could also save on the hotel room if you are going to be traveling with your child. This will allow your child to have their own car at school, which will, as you probably already know, make their life much easier and more comfortable.

They will also be able to save money on transportation, which is very important considering how much they already spend on books and tuition. Your child will be able to ship the car, which will help maintain the car's condition. This will prevent them from making long trips to college, which could result in small road debris such as rocks hitting the car.

Also, remember that your child will always have extra storage space when they ship their car to college. It is a smart decision to send your child's vehicle to college. There are some drawbacks, such as parking and gas costs, but overall the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

Tips for shipping your car to college

  • Make sure to book your shipment in advance. If your child decides to have their vehicle shipped to campus, make sure you give enough time for it to happen. Auto-shipping can take several weeks depending on how far the shipment is from you. If your child is returning to school in December, coordinate your shipment by November. You can still call an auto transport company and ask if they are able to accommodate your request, even if it is late. Unexpected circumstances like hurricanes and blizzards can delay your shipment.
  • Check if your car can be picked up from your house. Most car shipping companies offer door-to-door delivery. There are some restrictions that may prevent drivers from reaching someone's home. These could be due to the distance between their homes and the street or local laws. You might need to coordinate with your driver to meet. This is best done in a large parking area like at a mall or shopping center. If you are unable to find a suitable spot, your driver will be able to suggest alternatives. It's a good idea to drop off your vehicle at a location near your child's school. Most colleges and universities have large commuter parking lots that can be used as drop-off points. To be sure that everything is fine before you leave, contact the school.
  • Personal Items _ Unfortunately, personal items cannot be shipped to more than the vehicle can carry. As long as personal items are not exceeding 100 pounds, you can keep them below the window-line. This could be helpful for smaller items like bedding, school supplies, and toiletries. Furniture and larger items won't be accepted. You should discuss any personal items you wish to transport in your car with your driver.
  • Prepare for inspection Make sure that your car is ready for inspection. Your driver will need to inspect the exterior of your car for any damage or scratches.
  • 18 or over - The car cannot be left to anyone under the age of 18. If your child starts college at 17 years old, the car will not be allowed to be dropped off.
  • Your son or daughter must have the correct ID. They can release the vehicle to you if they are eighteen years old or older. To present the driver, they must have their photo ID (either a valid driver's license that has not expired or a valid passport that has not expired). A copy of the Bill of Lading should be brought along. They must also be able to inspect the car for damage during transport. We recommend that you be present to receive the vehicle. However, it is fine for your child to do so.
  • Check that they are ready to drive. Ensure that your registration and insurance are up-to-date before shipping takes place. This will not only help ensure a successful shipment but also allow your child to be able to use the car once it has been dropped off at school.
  • Get the parking passes ready Your child will undoubtedly need a parking permit for school. It will cost a little more but will allow your child to park close to school and arrive on time. These passes/window stickers can be used to make sure you are extremely detail-oriented. Your child will not have to worry about this when they pick up their car.
  • Remove non-essential parts Before the river arrives to collect your car, remove any detachable parts like roof racks.
  • Take out any valuables. Finally, you must remove all personal items from your car before shipping. If valuables are lost or damaged during transport, the auto carrier's policy will not cover them.

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