Posted on 01/03/22

How To Gift A Car This Holiday Season

How To Gift A Car This Holiday Season

This holiday season, gift a car? Congratulations! Even if the gift is from you, it will still be considered the best gift. How do you ship your car as you would any other gift? This guide will help you. Move Car Auto Transport has created 12 steps to gift a car or ship it during the 12 days of Christmas. Learn more and ship your car to us with Move Car Auto Transport!

Step 1 - Locate Your Car ' ' Title

Without the title, a car cannot be given away. Simply put, a car title proves ownership. The gift recipient will not technically be the owner of the car without it. You should be fine and have your car title in safe hands. All you need to do is find it in your filing cabinet. If you're not lucky enough to have your car title, get in touch with your state's DMV to find out what steps are required to obtain a new vehicle title. The DMV will usually charge a fee and you'll have to wait between 2-6 weeks for your new title to arrive in the mail. You can still ship your car if you do not have the title. Carriers almost never verify car ownership. Anyone who is willing to pay and has the keys to the vehicle can ship it.

Step 2 - Pay Any Liens Left on Your Car

You can't legally give the car away if you haven't paid off the car. You must pay any lienholders to be a responsible gift-giver. Lienholders are people who borrowed money from you and used the car as collateral. No matter if the lien has been paid off, your lienholder's name will be on your car's title. Many people don't want to go through the trouble of getting a new title showing them as sole owners of their cars even though they have paid off the entire lien. If you're one of these people, contact your lienholder to get them to sign your title certificate. This will show that you have paid them off. If you still have not paid your lienholder, Don't stop reading. Because your car is legally not yours, you are not allowed to give it to someone special.

Step 3 - If the car is an inheritance, you should involve Probate Court

You might be dealing with the car of a deceased loved one. You don't require an additional car so you have decided to donate the car to a friend or relative. To make the transfer official, you will need to visit a probate court in most states. Before you go to court, make sure to check with your state. Some states have simplified the process by requiring that you only file an affidavit to the Registry of Motor Vehicles in order to take possession of the vehicle. To ensure you are covered for Step 4 once the car has been taken into your possession, continue to the top of the guide.

Step 4 - Complete the Transfer Section on Your Car Title

You will need to sign the car's title over to the recipient to make the gift official. The person gifting the car will need to sign the title and provide information about your driver's license, signature, and current reading of the car's odometer. The recipient of the car will need to complete the buyer section. Remind them to write "Gift" in the section asking for the price of the car.

Title certificates often state that any writing must be clear and legible with no cross-outs and erasures. So practice your penmanship and double-check each letter and word before you start filling out your title. The DMV shouldn't deny your transfer for a simple error in printing or legibility. You may need to get a new title in order to begin the process again.

Step 5 - Check with Your State ' Registry of Motor Vehicles to Seek Additional Gift Requirements

Gifts between family members are generally allowed in almost all states. There is no sales tax when cars are given to family members. However, every state has its own rules and regulations regarding gifting cars. If you live in one state or another, make sure to verify with them if they require additional steps such as proof of family relationships. There is nothing worse than spending hours at the DMV only to find out that you have missing paperwork.

Step 6 - Verify the Insurance of the Gift Recipient

You probably have car insurance because you own a car. What about the gift recipients? Do they have the first car? Are they aware that it must be insured from the first day of ownership? Talk with them about insurance. Give them guidance if they are not experienced in determining who to insure and what rates to aim for. Make sure that the new owner of the car is insured so that you can immediately suspend your insurance on the vehicle after you give it away.

Step 7 - Research Your State '. Check Inspection Requirements, and Do a Check If Necessary.

You will need to have your vehicle inspected before you transfer your vehicle's title. This step, like the others on this list, is subject to change from one state to another. To have the above steps taken care of, make sure you ask your state's DMV if a car inspection will be required prior to the transfer of your title. Add that item to your list of things you need to do before you give away the car. You will need to take your vehicle to an approved inspection station in many states for an emissions test, safety inspection, and comprehensive checkup.

Step 8 - Ship the car to its new owner

The holiday season can be a busy time of the year. Most people don’t have the energy or time to drive a gift car to its new owner unless they live on the other side. It's also costly to book holiday plane tickets so that gift recipients can travel to their new car. They would have to drive the car back. It's usually cheaper and more convenient to ship the car to its destination. It's a good idea to coordinate the shipping process with a reliable car shipping company. This will ensure that the entire process is painless and smooth. You have already completed all the steps of the car gifting process. Shipping with a trusted and reliable car shipping company will make your life much easier. You can then wait for your 18-wheeler from the shipping company to arrive at your door and wait for your loved one to call to inform you that it has arrived. Skip to Step 12 to ensure you select the best car shipping company.

Step 9 - Have gift recipients deliver documents to their state Registry of Motor Vehicles

Most states require that the recipients of gifts cars go to their Registry of Motor Vehicles. They must bring the original titles with all transfer information and signatures, along with a fee as stipulated by the state for title transfer. Spend 20 dollars more to get your documents quickly and safely delivered via FedEx, UPS, or the postal service.

10: Register the Gifted Car According to the State's and Usual Procedures

vehicle registration is completely on the shoulders and responsibility of the new owner. You can remind your recipients if they are not responsible or young to follow the correct steps to register their vehicle in the new state. You can start at the DMV.

Step 11 - Wait for the new title to arrive

The gift recipient should be responsible for the wait to receive the new title. After registration, the new title usually takes a few weeks before it ships. It will take a few weeks for the new title to arrive. Make sure you have all information up-to-date. You can correct any errors by contacting your state's DMV.

Step 12 - Ship your old car the right way with Move Car Auto Transport

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