Posted on 03/29/22

How To Get Real Time Auto Shipping Quotes

How To Get Real Time Auto Shipping Quotes

Moving across the country will require you to spend a lot of time packing and hiring movers. You'll also need to plan how you will get settled quickly in your new home. Although it might not be your first thought, you will need to plan how to move your car. Auto-shipping services can be used to expedite vehicle transport.

Finding a reliable company to ship your car is the first step. You can search online to find reputable companies or brokers, or you could use a lead aggregator website. There are pros and cons to both, but you should compare the following important factors.

  • The company's size
  • Experience number
  • Online reputation
  • Positive customer reviews

The good news is that there are many reputable and qualified companies available to ship your vehicle. The bad news is that they may be more difficult to find than you might think. Why? Lead aggregator services.

Car shipping rates lead aggregators

Websites called lead aggregators sell your information to multiple transport brokers. These companies will contact you directly to offer a quote or book your transport if you share your vehicle shipping requirements.

Customer problems with lead aggregation to auto shipping quotes

These websites should be avoided as brokers who purchase your information may try to win your business by being assertive. You should still exercise due diligence.

How to identify a legitimate company

After you receive the emails and calls from brokers selling your information, it is important to know how to distinguish legitimate auto transport companies from fraudsters. These tips will help you determine which ones are reliable:

  • Ask for proof that licensing has been completed (MC or USDOT numbers).
  • You can check their listings on rating websites like the Better Business Bureau.
  • See customer reviews

This blog post shares additional tips and information to help you find a reliable car shipper.

Car shipping rates for auto transport brokers

You could also contact companies that you know and ask for quotes. This allows you to quickly identify legit brokers based on customer reviews and years of experience. This will help you to compare brokers.

  • Minimum of 10 years experience in the auto transport
  • Top platforms have over 10,000 customer reviews
  • A large network of auto haulers/carriers
  • BBB-accredited business with an A+ rating
  • Website displays MC and DOT numbers

Remember that an auto transport company can be either a broker, or a carrier. Make sure you are familiar with the person you are contacting.

carrier manages the trucks. Often, an owner-operator schedules shipments through a brokerage while only servicing a few routes. A broker can connect you with many carriers across the country. A broker will usually offer a lower rate because they have multiple carriers that can transport your vehicle. Brokers verify each carrier's USDOT authority, federal licenses, and cargo insurance. A broker is an expert in auto transport and will ensure that their customers get cars shipped by quality carriers.

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Gathering car transport quotes

So you can concentrate on other aspects of your move, it is important to plan your car transport as quickly as possible. Lead aggregators sell information to car shipping agents, which can lead to a lot of calls and emails. It can take time to review each offer and verify that the company is legit. As mentioned, it is worth calling a broker who is reputable to save time and frustration.

Are they a broker or a lead aggregator?

It is difficult for most people to distinguish a lead aggregator from a broker. It's a good thing. Lead aggregators would like to look as close as possible to actual brokers. Is the website promoting a "quote comparison?" Is it necessary to give a lot of personal information such as your first and last names and number. Is the company's name different from the website address. You may be dealing with an aggregator if you answer yes to several of these questions.

Move Car will provide a free estimate for car shipping

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