Posted on 05/06/22

How To Drive Safely In Winter Conditions

How To Drive Safely In Winter Conditions

Winter driving requires patience and planning. Most winter driving hazards can be managed, except when the snow is too deep to drive on. You need to give yourself enough time to reach your destination safely.


Winter travel should be planned for. Be aware that the most slippery roads are those on the highest elevations. If someone is too close to your bumper, you can move to the slower lane. Know where snow removal routes are located in your area. Plan a route that you can quickly take to get to the snow route, and have a plan in place to use a plow to help you navigate dangerous situations.

Winter Tires

The bad tread is not a good idea for hazardous driving seasons. If you have a blowout, it will place you and others in danger. You don't want your tire to be changed in the snow and freezing conditions. You will be safer with all-season tires than older, worn-out ones. You can check your tires before you get your first snowfall to make sure they are in good condition. Particularly, the deep tread on snow tires will enable you to navigate safely through snowy conditions.

Driving with Your Lights on

Keep your lights on when snow is falling to keep yourself and other drivers safe. Snow can block your vision and cause blindness. Turn on your lights if you have to use your wipers to remove snow, sleet, or rain from your windshield. Make sure your washer fluid is topped up to ensure you are ready for snow, salt, and sand. You should be careful about cleaning your windows while you drive and when filling up.

It is difficult to drive in winter. You can also work remotely if conditions are dangerous. Allow yourself enough time to get there and ensure that your washer fluid is fully topped up. Keep your gas tank full, especially if there is snow forecast. You don't need to worry about running out if you are forced to slow down or sit in a long line with other slow cars.
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