Posted on 11/04/22

How To Document The Condition Of Your Vehicle Before You Ship It To A Buyer

How To Document The Condition Of Your Vehicle Before You Ship It To A Buyer

Although shipping a car is a convenient way of moving it, there are many things you should consider before giving your car to someone else. It's easy for people to forget about one important aspect of car preparation: washing it, taking out valuables, and insuring it. It is easy to forget to inspect your car before you hand it over to the shipping company. It is a crucial step that could result in major costs if your vehicle arrives damaged. These are some things that you can do to avoid confusion when your vehicle is delivered.

Thoroughly Wash Your Car 

Before you ship your vehicle, it is essential to clean the inside and outside of your vehicle. This will enable you to see any dents, scratches, or dings on your car. You should also clean the interior by vacuuming and shampooing all crevices. This will remove stains and ensure that your car's interior remains in top shape.

Take Photos of Your Vehicle

Before you hand your vehicle over to the shipping company take photos of all parts. These photos will prove that there was no damage during transportation. Take close-ups of every side of the vehicle, as well as the underside and hood. To be safe, you should also take photos of the interior. To prove that photos were taken before shipment, you can use a time-stamped photo. Move Car offers customers a mobile app that guides them through the photos and gives them a time stamp and location stamp to ensure they are always prepared.

Take your car to a mechanic

It is a good idea for your car to be inspected by a mechanic before you ship it. A mechanic can provide written documentation detailing the vehicle's condition and operating conditions. This will prove that your vehicle was in good working order before you ship it.

Request the Shipping Company to Document The Car's Condition

Reputable shipping companies will document your car's condition before you ship it. However, you should always ask for this service. To ensure that you are protected, you will also need to have a copy of all paperwork provided by the shipping company. Both you and the shipping company must sign the condition paperwork.