Posted on 08/30/22

How To Determine If An Auto Transport Company A Broker

How To Determine If An Auto Transport Company A Broker

You will likely start your search online for auto transport services when you need it. It is possible to assume that all auto shipping companies offer the same service. You can then choose the one with the highest reviews. What you don't know, however, is whether you are dealing directly with a broker or carrier. It is important to know the differences between the types of companies as well as the services they offer before you book your shipment. It can be difficult to distinguish between carriers and brokers at first glance. The following information will help clarify the differences and show you how to tell if you are dealing directly with a broker.

What is an auto transport broker?

A broker in auto transport finds a carrier that can transport the vehicle and takes a shipping request. The truck fleet that transports the vehicle is not owned by the broker. They work with several carriers across the country who use their own drivers and equipment in order to find the most affordable way to ship your vehicle. The broker coordinates the logistics to get your vehicle from A to B.

Working with a broker is better than working with a carrier. Brokers are more flexible than carriers because they don't have to work with a specific fleet. Brokers can find carriers that have open spots in your area, which can result in faster delivery times. A broker can arrange for your car to be picked up by another carrier if the truck carrying your vehicle is damaged. Brokers are industry experts who will ensure that only properly licensed, registered and insured carriers are used. You can rest assured that your vehicle will be transported by a reliable and trustworthy carrier when you work with a broker.

What is an auto transport carrier?

To be considered a carrier, an auto shipping company must own their own trucks and work exclusively with drivers and trucks to deliver the shipments. Although it might seem easier to have one contact and work directly with the driver, being a carrier is not as flexible. First, your vehicle may take longer to arrive due to the fact that you must work within the truck's limits. Your shipment could be delayed if your truck breaks down. They don't work with other carriers.

How do you determine if an auto transport company is a broker?

Visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's site to find out if an auto transport company you are interested in is a broker, or carrier. You can search for trucking companies using their USDOT number. This federal website is reliable and accurate. You will find the "Broker" and "Carrier" next to the shipping company's name. If you have any questions, you can always ask the company direct if they are a broker or a carrier. You should be able ask them if they use only their own trucks (carrier), or if they arrange shipping with other companies ("broker").

Brokers are usually a better choice because they can access multiple carriers that can offer faster shipping and lower prices. Brokers are more efficient and will provide faster shipping. Before you make a booking, do your research on any car shipping company. You can have a more enjoyable experience by asking the right questions, researching, and reading customer reviews.