Posted on 12/14/21

How To Correctly Store A Vehicle

How To Correctly Store A Vehicle

You may need to store your car for several months, even longer, if you are going on a long vacation or overseas.

You'll need to take extra precautions to properly store your vehicle and ensure it is in good condition when you return it to you. Move Car Auto Transport will share some tips on how to properly store your vehicle for long-term storage.

Protect it from the Elements in a Garage, Storage Unit, or Carport.

You'll first need somewhere to store your car. Garages or storage units are the best options, as you can lock the doors to protect your car from the elements.

Although a covered carport can be a great solution, it doesn't provide the same level of security as a carport.

You can also invest in a car covering if you don't have any other options. Car covers can be used to protect your car from the elements, rain, and sun.

Exterior and Interior Cleaning

Before you store your car for long periods, clean the exterior of the vehicle. Bird droppings and water stains can cause damage to the paint. To protect the exterior, clean it and wax it. Clean up the interior as well to remove personal or valuable items and trash.

Change your Oil

Used oil can cause engine damage over time. If you store your car for a while, make sure your oil is changed regularly to keep it clean.

Fill up the Fuel Tank

You can prevent moisture buildup in your fuel tank and stop your fuel system seals from drying out. To protect your engine and car, you should also add a fuel stabilizer. Stabilizers such as Sta-bil can stop gasoline deterioration for up to 12 months.

Keep it charged

Car batteries can lose their charge over time if they aren't driven. To keep your car charged, you might consider having someone drive it every two weeks. If you don't have the option of driving your car, you can plug in a "battery tender", or "trickle charger" to charge it. This will provide just enough power to keep your battery topped up.

You can also disconnect the negative cable from the battery to prevent it from discharging over time. It will only need to be reconnected when your car starts again.

Do Not Use The Parking Brake

Rubber chocks are better than the parking brake to hold the car in place. The parking brake can clog with your rotors if it is left on. This happens especially if you leave the car outside.

Caring for Your Tires

Before you store your vehicle, make sure that the tires are inflated to the required PSI. If the car will be stored for longer than one month, be aware that flat spots can develop if tires are left in the same spot for too long.

Flat spots can be prevented by having someone drive them every two weeks. The tires will rotate as the car drives. You can remove your wheels and use jack stands to support them until you are able to drive it again. This will prevent your tires from getting flat.

These Tips Will Keep Your Car in Great Condition

These simple tips and guidelines will allow you to store your car for many months without causing any damage to its paint, interior, or other components. Move Car Auto Transport can help you store and ship your car anywhere in the United States. Get a quote now and let's get started.