Posted on 08/23/22

How To Choose Between Enclosed And Open Transport

How To Choose Between Enclosed And Open Transport

You will quickly discover that there are two options for shipping your car: enclosed or open auto transport. You may be curious about the differences and which option is best for you if you are a first-time shipper. Both are popular methods of auto transport, but each has its own advantages. We will be taking a closer look at each option to help you decide which one will best suit your needs.

What are some of the major differences between enclosed and open auto transport?

Open and enclosed transport are both common ways to ship a vehicle. Open transport is typically a two-level trailer capable of hauling multiple vehicles simultaneously. This type of trailer, named open-air, means that your vehicle will be exposed outside. An enclosed transport is a trailer that has a full enclosure. Enclosed transport is a trailer that can hold a handful of cars. This type of trailer also offers greater protection and security for your vehicle.

Pros & Cons of Open Transport

Advantages:Open transportation is the most popular shipping method. It is also cheaper and more efficient than enclosed transport. Open-air transport is more popular than enclosed shipping. This means that there are many open-air carriers, which gives you more options for shipping. It's also easier to schedule a shipping time and preferred shipping method. Open transport is also cheaper so it's a great way for you to save money on shipping.

Cons:Your vehicle will be exposed to the elements because the trailer is open-air. You vehicle can also be damaged by road debris. Although it's unlikely, vehicles in open trailers could be stolen.

The Pros and Cons Of Enclosed Transport

The pros: Your car will be transported in an enclosed trailer that will offer maximum protection from the elements, road debris and theft. This is the best option for shipping antique, classic, and luxury vehicles.

Cons: Enclosed trailers can transport fewer cars so shipping costs can be higher. You may also have to wait longer for delivery and pickup because there are fewer enclosed carriers.

How do you choose the best option?

There is no right or wrong way to decide whether open or enclosed transport should be chosen. It all comes down to the type of vehicle being shipped. Enclosed transport is often the best choice for owners of luxury, rare, exotic, antique, or classic cars. For everyone else, open transport is usually fine. When deciding which option is best for you, compare the vehicle's value with the differences in cost between the options. Consider the pros and cons of each option, and talk to your auto transport company about any concerns.