Posted on 04/06/22

How To Choose Between Enclosed And Open Car Carriers

How To Choose Between Enclosed And Open Car Carriers

Another consideration for car shippers who are first-time: what type of carrier should they choose?

There are two types of car carriers, open trailers, and enclosed trucks.

For those new to car shipping, it may seem that an enclosed truck is better than an open carrier. However, there are many reasons why the open carrier is superior to an enclosed vehicle. The open carrier is actually the most popular method of cross-country transport, and also the most economical.

Your vehicle is moved into the open carrier and shared a ride with 6-8 other vehicles on a 2-level trailer. The carrier is secure, stable, and insured, but it's also open to the elements.

An enclosed carrier, however, is a truck that has solid walls. Your vehicle is loaded inside and secured to it. The enclosed carrier typically carries fewer vehicles. The cost of an enclosed service is usually higher because there are fewer cars per run and the service is more refined.

An enclosed carrier is better than an open carrier if your vehicle's monetary value is high. An enclosed carrier is recommended for vehicles exceeding $50,000 in value. However, it is not mandatory. To cover vehicles of higher value, enclosed carriers have more insurance.

Open carriers, on the other hand, are fully insured and provide enough coverage for any vehicle with a value less than $50,000.

Although the possibility of an enclosed carrier may seem more appealing to potential customers, the truth is that both are completely safe.

Open carriers are often feared that road debris could cause damage to the vehicle. However, this is not the case.

Road debris doesn't "fly up" and "fly sideways". Any road debris that is kicked up will fly straight into the front of your rig.

It's possible for your vehicle to arrive dirty or rained on. However, it is not something that a professional detailing service can't fix. Shipping by an enclosed carrier is often hundreds of dollars less than shipping by an open carrier with good detailing.

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