Posted on 09/26/22

How To Buy A Car Long Distance

How To Buy A Car Long Distance

You used to browse local dealerships when you first started searching for a car, either new or used. Today, there are many car buying options across the country. There are many vehicles available online through private sellers and dealerships. You might find the perfect car you are looking for halfway across the country. It might seem difficult to purchase a car long-distance, but it is not impossible and can often be a beneficial option for many people. We will explain what you need to consider when purchasing a car long distance and offer some guidance to assist you.

Get started with an Online Search

Start by searching online for the vehicle you desire. There are many great websites that sell used and new vehicles. These sites let you narrow your search criteria by make and model color, price, mileage, etc. You should always verify the site and check its reputation. However, there are a few good search options: AutoTrader, Carvana Joydrive, CarsDirect and

Have a conversation with the seller

You don't have to worry if you find the perfect car, but it is hundreds of miles away. These sites allow dealers to provide a wealth of information, including photos, videos, and reports on the car's condition. You can get a close-up view of the vehicle from all angles and also learn about its condition. This is the time to ask questions and start the process of deciding if the vehicle is right for your needs. This contact should take place over the telephone. You can get a better understanding of the seller by listening to their voice and asking questions.

Get a Vehicle History Report and Inspection

Some sellers include a vehicle history report. Others may not. However, it is worth spending the $30-$50 extra to get the report. This report will tell you if your car has been involved in an accident or sustained major damage. You can proceed to the next step if your vehicle passes the inspection. Ask the seller if they will accept a refundable deposit to keep the vehicle safe until an inspection is completed. You should choose an inspection site in the same area as the vehicle. Then, arrange for an authorized person to fax or email you the inspection report.


Some online sellers offer shipping included in the price of the vehicle. This applies mainly to dealers. You will have to choose how you want to pick up your vehicle if you work with a private seller. It is usually cheaper and easier to have the vehicle shipped to you, especially if it is long distance. You will then need to find a reliable auto shipping company to ship the vehicle to you. Before shipping the vehicle, make sure the seller takes photos of it. Before shipping your car, you will need to have proper insurance.

Paperwork and Payment

A dealer will offer financing options if you purchase a car. You should be able to use an electronic document service to sign paperwork. To ensure that your payment is secure, if you work with third-party sellers, you should only use a secured payment service like PayPal. It is also a good idea to arrange for the title and bill of sale to be mailed overnight.