Posted on 05/26/22

How To Break Down The Cost Of Shipping Cars To Europe

How To Break Down The Cost Of Shipping Cars To Europe

Are you planning to ship your car to Europe? This guide will help you understand the costs of shipping cars to Europe and answer some of your most pressing questions. Ship cars to Europe This is a popular choice for military families, career-movers, and students going to faraway colleges.

How to Break Down the Cost of Shipping Cars to Europe

Shipping cars to Europe can be expensive. The price range for shipping cars to Europe is dependent on many factors. However, it generally runs between $900 and $2,100 per vehicle. These are some factors that can impact the cost of shipping cars to Europe.

  1. Type of container You have two options when shipping cars to Europe: a larger consolidated container or smaller dedicated containers that are approximately 20 feet wide.
  2. Your final destination will affect your car shipping costs. While some ports will be easier to access, others will require you to travel further. The destination fee can be anywhere from $500 depending on the destination.
  3. This is the type of vehicle. A standard-sized vehicle will cost less to ship to Europe than an oversized or luxury vehicle.
  4. Type of auto transport required Door-to-door service is sometimes needed, but centralized drop-off points are often more cost-effective.

How Car Shipping to Europe Works

Your vehicle, whether it is a car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle, is loaded into a container and then shipped overseas. The vehicle is unloaded at the port of destination once it reaches its final destination. A representative will assist your vehicle through customs and make sure that it is legal to drive on roads in the European country where it has been entered. Your vehicle will then be directed towards registration and insurance. Payments are usually made via bank checks or wire transfers. To get an accurate picture of the shipping costs to Europe, make sure you review your bank fees.

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