Posted on 09/15/22

How To Avoid Precipitation Loss When Shipping Vehicles In Winter

How To Avoid Precipitation Loss When Shipping Vehicles In Winter

You might be worried about the impact winter weather can have on your vehicle if you need to ship an auto during the winter months. It is possible for snow and ice to affect your vehicle when shipping a car in winter. Winter weather can have a significant impact on both shipping and vehicle preparation. It is important to take precautions to ensure your vehicle is safe. These are some helpful tips to avoid damage to your vehicle in winter.

Enclosed Transport

An enclosed carrier is a great way to protect your vehicle in winter. Although it might cost more, enclosed carriers can fully protect your vehicle against inclement weather. You don't need to make any winter preparations if you have your vehicle shipped in an enclosed carrier. Your vehicle will be enclosed completely and protected from the elements. For maximum protection against the elements, enclosed transport is your best choice.

Check Your Windows

You can minimize winter precipitation damage by doing a few things if you cannot ship your vehicle on an enclosed carrier. Check that all windows are closed tightly. Make sure your sunroof or convertible is closed. You can prevent rain from entering your vehicle by locking all windows.

Wax Your Vehicle

You should wax your car before shipping it on an open carrier if you plan to ship the vehicle. Salt and snow can cause rust and damage to your car's paint. A protective wax can be used to protect your vehicle from damage caused by winter weather.

Wrap Your Vehicle

Shrink wrapping is a great way to make sure your vehicle arrives in the same state it left. Open car haulers cannot protect your vehicle from weather conditions during travel, leaving it vulnerable to damage by winter precipitation. Shrink wrap protects your vehicle from the elements. It can be used with a trailer to haul it. Shrink wrap is 99.9% waterproof and protects your vehicle at 360°, unlike tarps or other car covers which can still allow moisture in.