Posted on 03/10/22

How To Avoid Pesky Car Shipping Hidden Charges

How To Avoid Pesky Car Shipping Hidden Charges

It's fun to play hide and seek with grandkids or your children. It's not fun to find out hidden costs when shipping a vehicle. The same principle applies to unexpected car shipping costs. No one likes to pay more than what they expect. These are some tips to help you avoid the pesky hidden car shipping costs.

What are customers saying about the company?

When evaluating car shipping companies you should first check customer reviews on Yelp, the BBB. This will quickly show you if the company is upfront about their total shipping costs or if they have added hidden fees in the past. You can sort negative reviews and search for "cost" to quickly find out. If you see reviews that mention hidden car shipping costs, it may be time to change car shippers.

Request a quote

Next, make sure you ask the agent if the price quoted is the total cost. You should ensure that they do not add any additional fees for insurance, Door to Door, fuel surcharges, or other charges. To ensure there are no hidden fees, it is important to get the complete price from a live agent. Reputable car shipping companies will not hide anything and offer transparent, all-inclusive pricing.

Save on shipping costs and work with the best transporter.

Move Car is upfront about shipping a car. We work hard to make it easy for you. While we may be more expensive, our customers agree that the added peace of mind is worth it.

Call to discuss moving a car or request an online quote for car shipping. You'll get an all-inclusive cost.