Posted on 08/03/22

How The Car Shipping Industry Works

How The Car Shipping Industry Works

You can search the internet for auto shipping companies to find many websites that will help you make the best car shipping decision. Customers need to be familiar with the basics of the auto shipping industry in order to make an informed decision. This includes being realistic about your expectations.

Before making any decisions about where and what you should do, it is a good idea to learn the basics of auto shipping tips. You may find yourself not being able to understand the terminology of the industry. This is why you will need a car transportation glossary. Move Car Auto Transport is a respected and long-standing expert in the field. If this happens, it's important to make sure you get your information from someone who is trustworthy.

Many auto transport companies post their customer testimonials on online review boards. This is done to let potential clients learn more about the company before they become their clients. Customers can only be certain that testimonials are authentic and not faked by employees or affiliates of the company.

Take the time to read through the numerous online reviews that focus on car shipping. One, Move Car Auto Transport has been highly rated by Transport Reviews and other reliable review companies. It takes very little time to read these reviews, but the rewards are well worth it.

Industry Regulation

Many professionals believe that standards for the industry can be improved, even though federal law does not allow for categories such as specialized transport to be defined. There are still safeguards to help you navigate the world of auto transport. It can be difficult to find information about laws and what they mean for you. There are many websites that provide information about new laws and many articles which discuss changes that impact consumers. If you want to make sound, safe decisions, you will have a lot of work ahead of you.


Carriers are truckers who don't list their prices. Brokers are those who broker the deal among freight carriers and customers. A customer who is trying to find a car shipping business online will not find any actual carriers. They will find only brokers.

Who makes the decisions?

Carriers make most of the decisions regarding shipping. Let's imagine you work at a bakery. It's a long day of creating beautiful cakes. Then, a stranger walks into your kitchen from the street and starts stirring the batter. They didn't know that the batter was still settling, and should have been able to wash their hands. This is how securing drivers and safely transporting your car is done. Companies that have been set up to handle this task should not expect customers to do it.

The company has your vehicle and you have given them permission to do the job. You should allow them to do it. The "load board" is where auto transport companies place jobs and then the carriers pick their favorites. All carriers who respond to the board need to have valid credentials. They know that they have the majority of control and approach the board with this knowledge. They make the final decisions regarding the routes and departure times of the transport. They can't control things beyond their control.

Terms and Conditions

"Any reputable company will post their terms and conditions online for customers to view. Customers can review the information online to decide if they wish to use that company. Every contract does not have to be hurtful. Companies should make sure that customers can inspect their processes, expectations, and guarantees. This information is vital because if a customer needs a shipment, they will rely on the broker's word. That can be very dangerous.

Lead Generation

You must ensure that you only give your personal information to trusted car shipping companies when you visit a website. Move Car does not require any personal information to provide a quote. The car shipping calculator allows you to get quotes and pay your down payment online.

there are many companies online that force customers to submit their personal information online in order for them receive a quote quickly. This is not what reputable businesses will do. Companies that care about their customers will allow you to shop around and not sell your information to other companies.

You can, of course, demand certain services when you ship your car. This can make the whole process more complicated and stressful. It's important that you choose the right shipping company and work with them.