Posted on 02/01/22

How New Tech Is Changing The Vehicle Shipping Industry

How New Tech Is Changing The Vehicle Shipping Industry

The technology industry is constantly changing, even though you might not realize it. Technology doesn't change the way we ship cars, but it does not make things easier. We still use the same methods that were used in the fifties.

Technology has revolutionized the way we do this job. It has altered how we interact and load cargo, as well as how we communicate with customers. Long-haul trucking technology has made significant strides even in the 21st Century. Loads are lighter, fuel efficiency is better, and communication is faster.

These all have an impact on your shipment and the vehicle shipping sector. There's more tech on the horizon, and that's why we're here today.

What is the future of vehicle shipping technology?

Talking about autonomous truck transport, electric trucks, and the coming electronic log device for truckers has been a common theme. The ELD mandate is one of the many technologies that are coming to the industry. Once they're ready to go on the open roads, electric trucks and autonomous trucks will revolutionize the industry. Truckers can now follow the hours of service regulations better, which will help them stay safe and fresh while they are on the road.

What new tech could impact the car shipping industry

Car shipping is slow. This is not surprising considering that small cars are often transported by large vehicles. Why fix what's not broken? There's always room for improvement, and this blog post is all about that.

A number of new companies have announced plans to produce an all-electric truck. Tesla, Nikola Tesla, Thor... the list goes on. It is believed that fleets will save money and customers will receive better service if they make driving easier. The environment's impact is perhaps the most important aspect. Long-haul trucking, which is one of the most polluting industries, could be less dependent on fossil fuels.

Are prices lower for electric or autonomous trucks?

This is the big question. It would follow that trucks that don’t have to pay for fuel would be more affordable to ship with. However, electric trucks are costly - and will continue to be so - in the near future. Most fleets will only have one or two electric trucks for their initial start. Mixed fleets may find it difficult to recoup the initial cost. It may take some time before you see the real price drop.

They should fall over time. Prices will drop as electric trucks become more popular. As more companies join the fleet, competition will increase. Over time, we may see legislation that actively penalizes older, polluting trucks. We already see this, but it will probably be more prominent as electric technology becomes more mainstream.

What will the number of electric automobile transport trucks be?

Maintenance is something we often forget about. Fleet maintenance is easy and should be possible for any diesel mechanic. Maintenance for electric trucks is quite different. This could hinder the adoption of electric trucks as not all fleets can afford an electrician.

Electric trucks may experience delays when they hit the road. The vehicle shipping trucking industry has very low-profit margins and many can't afford to pay a specialized mechanic to work on one vehicle. Most likely, drivers will depend on dealers' mechanics to handle this, which comes with its own set of problems.

My belief is that electric trucks will gradually replace older diesel-guzzling trucks over time. It will take time. Much longer than what it took for electric cars to make an effect. While we see more electric cars on the roads, there are still plenty of gas-guzzlers. Despite the fact that electric cars have been around for a long time, their implementation has been slow. This will likely continue to be true for the vehicle shipping sector.

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