Posted on 12/09/22

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car To Europe And What Do You Need To Know

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car To Europe And What Do You Need To Know

Prices for shipping a car from the United States to Europe will vary depending on many factors. These factors include the vehicle's weight, where you live, taxes, and how you ship the car (type of container or roll-off, roll-on, or air).

Average cost

The final price will depend on many factors. You may be able to ship a sedan of standard size in a shared container to Europe from as low as $750 to $1,000. If your vehicle is large, such as an SUV or custom-sized container, you can expect to pay more. Shipping household items or personal items with your vehicle will impact the cost. Allow at least three months for research into shipping options, deadlines, and costs.

Remember to include taxes

You will be required to pay registration, destination and duty fees as well as VAT or value-added tax.

factors in Roll-off, roll on

This method is usually the cheapest way to ship. This method is often the cheapest. However, it will take time for the shipper and the car to be organized. You should have a backup plan in place for transport until the car arrives. It is not possible to ship more than your car and a spare tire.

Order your paperwork

Do not wait until the last moment. It will take time to get original documents like the title, registration, and bill of sale. You will need to verify that the bank has approved you to export the vehicle if the car is being financed. Originals will not be returned, but you can make copies and keep them with you until then.

Get your car serviced

It must be clean and free from any debris. It should also be in good working order. It is a good idea to do more than just keep it in working order. Before you ship the car, make sure it is in good working order. It is possible that parts may be difficult or expensive to find once you get to Europe. If the vehicle is not in working order, you can ship it via ocean container.

Complete the appropriate forms

Before shipping, you will need to complete forms such as the Declaration of Dangerous Goods. The shipper or importer will be able to help you identify and fill out the necessary forms.

Get insurance

Shipping insurance is required to ship your vehicle to Europe. The car's value will determine the price. To find out if shipping is included in your policy, check with your carrier.

It is easy to ship a car from Europe if you plan well. It is important to take the time to research shipping companies and know what you can expect between the moment you hand the keys over and the time the car arrives at its destination. You don't have to be disorganized if you do. Keep a file folder with copies of all documents, forms completed, and shipping agreements. You will likely be asked to present paperwork at some point during the process. Make it simple for yourself!