Posted on 07/21/22

How Much Did I Save Shipping My New BMW I3

How Much Did I Save Shipping My New BMW I3

It is often very simple to buy a car. It is usually as easy as searching AutoTrader for the car you desire and then buying it. It can sometimes be difficult to find the right car in your area. This is particularly true for rare or special cars. Imagine someone looking for a BMW M235i with a 6-speed manual but they don't have any. Perhaps you live in a large city like Chicago and want something small, economical, exotic, and fun. Although the BMW i3 is a great car, it's not always easy to find the right specifications or the best price. These situations can be stressful but they don't have to be frustrating.

Send and Find Shipment From Anywhere

Sometimes, it is possible to find a car in your local area that has more of what you need. This can often lead to a lower price or tax savings. JMK BMW, New Jersey, found me the perfect BMW i3 with exact specs at a great deal. This is where a shipping company steps in. I decided to ship it to Chicago instead of driving back and flying to the airport.

It can be daunting to ship a car if you have never done it before. You don't want someone picking up your new vehicle on a rusty, old flatbed if you just purchased a luxury or exotic car. It is important to search for a reliable shipping company that can provide expert care and shipping insurance for your vehicle.

Shipping a new car is easy and safe

An established and reliable transport company will deliver your car in an enclosed or open carrier. While enclosed auto transport can be more costly, it is safer and will allow you to take extra care with your vehicle. You see open car transport most often on the roads. Although they aren't dangerous, open vehicle carriers don't protect the car from the elements. This is the most popular and cost-effective shipping option. The car is subject to elements such as rain, sun, and dust during transport. However, this is not the case when driving on the highway.

A company that has a solid reputation and is willing to stand behind it is important. After much research, Move Car Auto Transport was my best choice to transport my car. From a small family-owned business that was founded in 2010, they have grown to be one of the most important car shipping companies in the nation. They are also one of the few "A+"-rated companies with a 5-star rating based on more than 150 reviews on Google+.

Choose a reliable company

This information is essential when looking for a company that will transport your beloved vehicle. Be prepared to pay, because a good shipping company will not accept $20 and a bottle of Rumple Minze like the guy on the flatbed. When shipping valuable possessions, it is worth paying the extra money. The biggest mistake you can make when choosing a mover solely on price is to ship a valuable possession. If they offer you an unbelievable price, they will often add fees, ransom your car, and refuse to pay for any damages. Or they may even disappear once they have your car.

Move Car is an insured and licensed transport management company that has a large network of insured and licensed car carriers who can deliver your vehicle. Move Car provides full coverage for your vehicle throughout transport. Their customer service agent is available to answer any questions you may have, seven days a săptămână. Although the price may seem higher than you would like, you can be sure that there will not be any unexpected costs and that you are getting the best service and protection.

Move Car Transports Your Car

Move Car would offer to deliver the vehicle to you, wherever in the country, using the truck that was requested by the customer. It can do this in multiple ways. Move Car can send a truck to pick up your car if you are unable to wait. However, this is more costly. If you are able to wait a few weeks, your car will be picked up along with other vehicles and shipped to the same place. Then, it will be delivered to your home.

Move Car agents will call you within two hours to let you know that the truck is on its way to your home. The truck will usually arrive at your home between 3 and 5 business days after the pickup date.

Each Step of the Way is Made Easy by You

Open carrier transport with Move Car was my choice, primarily because it was cheaper, but dealerships often ship new cars across the country using open trailers. I didn't worry about that. To set up pickup details, drop-off location, timeline, and payment information, I spoke to a logistics agent. Once I had made my booking, they assigned me a carrier so that I could get the pick-up time. The agent kept me informed by calling to update me on my order status, estimated arrival time, and any other details. After the car was picked-up, I received an automatic email with my order details and information about the carrier.

It took only 48 hours from pick up in New Jersey to delivery in Chicago. The i3's GPS tracker allowed me to see the progress of the transport in real-time. Move Car agents called me to give me a window of two hours before the carrier arrived at my home. After a quick wash, the i3 arrived in perfect condition. It looked almost as good as the one at the local showroom. Move Car called me a day later to confirm that everything was as I expected. I received an email survey from Move Car shortly after.

Shipping can save you stress and money

An i3 will cost you around $800 to have delivered from New Jersey or Chicago. This depends on the location of your vehicle. If the i3 is a few thousand dollars less, this can work out well. You may also find it more advantageous to purchase a car in a state that does not have sales tax.

Move Car is a shipping company that can help you save money. However, you will still have to pay to ship. This can also make it easier to purchase the car you desire at the right price since there are no restrictions on distance. This is especially useful when you are looking for an exotic, rare, or classic car.

Shipping cars is an option that many people don't realize. Shipping can help you find the best deal and take out the stress of buying the right car. Move Car is a good company to use, but not Rusty Flatbed-Rick.

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