Posted on 05/19/22

How Long Does It Take To Ship An Automobile From New York City To Florida

How Long Does It Take To Ship An Automobile From New York City To Florida

One of the most well-known routes for auto transport is from New York to Florida. There are many reasons vehicles are shipped from New York to Florida, including:

  1. Florida residents can purchase cars from New York-based online car sellers.
  2. New York's snowbirds traveled to Florida in the winter.
  3. Students from New York traveled to Florida to study at one of the numerous colleges and universities there.
  4. New Yorkers join the ranks of the 900 people who move to Florida every single day.

If you are one of the many auto transporters who need to move a car, truck, or motorcycle from New York, one question that will likely be asked is: How long does it take for a car to be shipped from New York to Florida? It all depends. Move Car Auto Transport is the leader in auto transportation since 2010. We can give you a solid estimate of how long your vehicle will take to get from New York City to Florida.

How long it will take to ship your car from New York to Florida?

Where are you going? Distance is important. Shipping from Buffalo to Key West is more expensive than shipping from New York City or Jacksonville. However, other factors related your New York to Florida car transport will also play a role and affect the time it takes to get your car to Florida. These details will give you an idea of the actual car shipping time once they have been received by the auto transport company.

Timing is a key indicator for determining your vehicle shipping time from New York. It is very popular to ship cars from New York to Florida in the spring and late fall. Why? New Yorkers are a significant portion of the Snowbird population. They use car shipping as a convenient way to transport their cars to their winter homes.

The car you are shipping - Standard-sized cars can be transported by the open carrier. This is the most popular type of auto transport truck. These types of cars will take less time than oversized or more delicate vehicles.

The ETA of your vehicle, truck, SUV, or motorcycle trip from New York to Florida will be affected by all the details. Here are some facts:

  1. Florida is approximately 1,100 miles from New York, depending on where you are in NY or FL.
  2. It takes approximately 18 hours to drive non-stop from New York City to Florida. Traffic jams are not included.
  3. New York, D.C. Orlando, and Miami have the worst traffic patterns, especially during rush hour.

After we have gathered all the details, it is easy to find a reliable and affordable car shipper that will transport your car from New York City to Florida. Move Car Auto Transport, America's top-rated car shipper for this popular route as well as other routes around the world, is Move Car Auto Transport. Our team offers great car shipping rates, top-quality insurance during transport, and a 100% damage-free guarantee.

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