Posted on 11/08/22

How Long Does It Take For Cars To Be Shipped To Certain Destinations

How Long Does It Take For Cars To Be Shipped To Certain Destinations

A transportation company is able to move your car from one part of the country to another. How long will it take to complete the job? This article will answer the most frequently asked question. It will also provide a simple guide to choosing the right transport company for stress-free travel.

Distance traveled: A Rule of Thumb

Although it can be difficult for transportation companies to deliver your car on a certain day, a reliable company will be able to give you an estimate of when your vehicle should arrive. Five companies may be able to give you five different answers about when your vehicle will arrive. This would be a nightmare for anyone who is on a tight deadline. Give your carrier as much notice as you can. It should take approximately one to two weeks to ship your vehicle from A to B (from coast to coast). The distance that your vehicle travels from one place to another can help you estimate how long it will take.

Are my delivery dates accurate?

All dates are projections and estimates. We ask that you provide us with the earliest date you are willing to release your vehicle. This may not be the preferred date.
We will put you in touch with your carrier. The carrier will usually call you on the afternoon or evening of your pick-up or delivery. They won't just turn up unannounced. Carriers are often on the road fighting traffic and weather and may be affected by other factors that could affect their pickup and delivery times.

If you do not receive the dates that you have been given and are unable or unwilling to contact your carrier, please immediately call our office so we can help you.